Skiathos, Sporades

The island of Skiathos lies 41 nautical miles from Volos and 44 from Agios Konstantinos. It has an area of 48 sq. km., a coastline of 44 km and a population of 4,200. You can arrive at Skiathos by plane from Athens or by ferry/hydrofoil from Agios Konstantinos, Volos, Alonissos and Skopelos. In summer, you can also visit from the Islands of Kymi, Euboea, Skyros.

Skiathos is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. As you are entering the port of Skiathos, the characteristic piney peninsula with the ruins of the Venetian Fortress and the neoclassical buildings will welcome you. The pine trees outspread from the traditional port all the way to the flamboyant hills, the town of Skiathos, in spite of the vast development during the last years, maintains its non-identical picturesqueness intact. The imposing castle, the old shipyard, the important lake - Hydro biotope, the several churches and the monasteries, the historical monuments, integrate the beautiful profile of the town of Skiathos.

This bountifulness is dispersed all over the island of Skiathos, which pulses with innumerable amazing settlements that are ideal resorts for you to visit during your holidays. The village of Kanapitsa, which is located a close distance from the town of Skiathos, is a verdurous settlement gifted with magnificent beaches that shall definitely impress you. Furthermore, the picturesque village of Koukounaries is a renowned settlement where the pines and firs are planted in harmony along the beach.

Finally, the beaches of Vassilias, Ahladies, Vromolimnos, Kolios and Troulos as well as the islet Megali Tsougria are all worth a visit. During your stay on the island of Skiathos seize the chance to visit Skopelos, Skyros and Alonissos, which are the other islands of the exquisite Sporades Islands cluster.

Greek Charter Yachts

The Sporades region has four inhabited islands in this mountainous and pine-forested northern archipelago for you to explore. Go Island hopping on one of the Yachts below based at Skiathos, visiting Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros. All makes and models available from 31 to 49ft.

Sunreef 62 - Anassa62ft LOA24,00022,000
Sun Odyssey 49i49ft LOA5,1902,200
Bavaria 4646ft LOA4,0502,025
Bavaria 4444ft LOA3,1751,600
Bavaria 40 Cruiser40ft LOA3,0751,550
Bavaria 3636ft LOA2,3751,175
Bavaria 34 Cruiser 34ft LOA2,2751,150
Sun Odyssey 33i33ft LOA2,3601,000
Jeanneau 5353ft LOA5,7303,830
Cyclades 50550ft LOA5,0002,250
Lagoon 38038 ft LOA5,5002,750
Sun Odyssey 36i36ft LOA2,6001,100
Sun Odyssey 39i39ft LOA2,7101,150
Sun Odyssey 42i42ft LOA3,1901,350
Jeanneau 4545ft LOA3,7801,600
Sun Odyssey 40940'5 ft LOA3,2902,190
Sun Odyssey 44i44ft LOA4,0001,800
Sun Odyssey 4343ft LOA2,9501,250
Sun Odyssey 3535ft LOA2,010850
Sun Odyssey 3232ft LOA1,420600
Cyclades 4343ft LOA3,6251,765
Oceanis 4040ft LOA3,1751,600
Oceanis 34334ft LOA2,4701,205
Lagoon 45045ft LOA9,3005,765
Bavaria 39 Cruiser39ft LOA2,5001,100
Oceanis 4848ft LOA6,1452,990
Oceanis 4545ft LOA5,1502,510
Oceanis 4141ft LOA3,8601,880
Sun Odyssey 37937ft LOA2,7501,500
Sun Odyssey 43944ft LOA4,7501,500
Bavaria 42 Cruiser42ft LOA3,0251,525
Bavaria 43 Cruiser43ft LOA2,8001,500
Bavaria 37 Cruiser37ft LOA2,4701,205
Bavaria 38 Cruiser38ft LOA2,5751,300
Bavaria 47 Cruiser47ft LOA4,5002,250
Sun Odyssey 50951ft LOA6,6703,250
Lipari 4139ft LOA6,1532,954
Sun Odyssey 46946ft LOA5,3802,620
Dufour 40540ft LOA3,8001,900
Lagoon 42042ft LOA7,0903,000
Nautitech 4444ft LOA7,2003,650
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 14'46ft LOA5,1001,800
Bavaria 55 Cruiser55ft LOA6,8503,600
Bavaria 41 Cruiser '1541 ft LOA3,9201,910
Lagoon 3939 ft LOA5,5002,805
Bavaria 56 Cruiser56ft LOA8,7003,700
Hanse 40040ft LOA2,7001,300
Hanse 43043ft LOA3,9001,700
Galathea 6565ft LOA26,00024,000
Lagoon 62062ft LOA25,20017,000
Gulet Efi24 Meter LOA21,00017,500
Lagoon 56056 ft LOA20,00011,000
Hanse 38538ft LOA2,9001,600
Sanya 5757ft LOA19,00014,000
Sun Odyssey 34935 ft LOA2,5001,190
Bali 4.5 Catamaran45 ft LOA9,3005,765
Orana 4444ft LOA7,0004,340
Dufour 38238 ft LOA3,5701,740
Bavaria 37 Cruiser '1537ft LOA3,5701,740
Sun Odyssey 44946 ft LOA4,7202,000
Sun Odyssey 47947 ft LOA5,8402,480
Jeanneau 5454 ft LOA8,0803,430
Sun Odyssey 51952 ft LOA6,7002,700
Gulet Irina22 Meter LOA10,6006,600
Gulet Syrolana27 Meter LOA13,00011,000
Falcon 90 Pouaro90ft LOA35,00028,000
M/S Eleftheria63ft LOA8,4007,500
M/S Ikaklis L36 Meter LOA52,50052,500
Lagoon 42142 ft LOA8,2002,900

Skiathos Base Map

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