Taalintehdas & the Aland Islands

Finland is a North European country which is located between the sixtieth and seventieth parallel, bordered by Norway, Sweden and Russia. It is also very close to Estonia. The Great Outdoors and nature are the main features of this area. Winters are lengthy and cold. Snow is usually present from October to late March in Lapland. Summers are hot with temperatures that can range from 15 to 30 ° C from north to south.

Finland has thousands of Lakes. Over 180,000 lakes of glacial origin, often inter-connected. Boreal forests shelter an incredible variety of Arctic flora and fauna protected by numerous parks and nature reserves such as Kolovesi, Linnansaari and Koli National Park.

Finland has 1126km of coastline on the Baltic Sea and attracts sailors and hikers from around the world. The sea is dotted with thousands of islands as plentiful as the lakes, like the Aland archipelago in the southwest coast, consisting of about 6,500 islands. It is on the brink of one of the entrances to the port of Stockholm. Navigation in these waters is spectacular, villages and towns along the coast offer hospitality, art, culture and fine cuisine. There are excellent marinas and ports at Ytternäs, Hanko, Rauma, Loviisa, Pietaraari and Mariehamn.

Further east, between the capital city of Helsinki and Turku, Taalintehdas offers one of the most stunning areas of the Baltic Sea. Taalintehdas is rich in natural harbours and dotted by hundreds of islands. Assorted Holiday homes have been built due to the extraordinary beauty of this region. The sailing conditions are best from May to September. The city comes alive with markets, tourist attractions and cultural events such as the Baltic Jazz Festival which is held every year at the old coal furnace. Finland is the ideal destination for those who appreciate sailing as a way of Life.

The Baltic Sea, close to Helsinki Church Dome of Turku Doorways of Finland Beautiful Harbours Images of Helsinki Historical Church, Turku Old Villa, Turku Colourful Windows Port of Turku, Finland Summer, Finland Summer Sunset The Old Town Pier, Helsinki Turku Land of the Midnight Sun Bronze Statue, Helsinki Aerial View of the Aland Islands Aland Islands Sunset Bird of Prey, Finland Aerial view of Taalintehdas Helsinki Cathedral Helsinki Cathedral The Aland Islands, Finland The 14th Century Kastel Holm, Aland Islands Kobba Klintar Pilot Station, Aland Islands Wind Generators of the Aland Islands

Yacht Charter Finland

A wide selection of Yachts available from the amazing region of Taalintehdas and the Aland Islands. One Ways are available to Stockholm.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 33i 33ft LOA 2,700 1,450
MY Day Dream 140 ft LOA 99,000 89,000
Lavezzi 40 40ft LOA 4,300 3,100
Gib Sea 51 51ft LOA 4,400 2,850
Gib Sea 43 43ft LOA 3,860 1,940
Dufour 455 45ft LOA 3,960 2,400
Dufour 375 37ft LOA 3,260 1,900
Dufour 34 34ft LOA 2,600 1,460
Dufour 325 32ft LOA 2,500 1,250
Beneteau 50 50ft LOA 4,050 2,600

Taalintehdas Base Map

Base Name: Taalintehdas

Port Name: Taalintehdas