"We had a wonderful vacation with a great mtb Race which we all completed succesful. I have to thank you very much for your professional approach which led to a fluent trip to Croatia. Our taxidriver waited for us at the airport and brought us very kindly and quick to the marina where both our skipper Kiko and the Garant charter boss were presenting the boat. The boat was very much appreciated by our team and Kiko was the perfect skipper. We realy enjoyed every second of the trip. Kiko brought us from stage to stage safely to the next island, even in rough sea with heavy “burra” wind. The islands are so beautifull and the race went through amazing sceneries in a manner we will never forget, even despite the weather which wasn’t always sunny. In conclusion this was a fantastic trip with nice people and a perfect boat for this event.
Kind regards.

Tim & Friends from Belgium, Istria 2019
Tim & Friends from Belgium, Sailing Istria Spring, 2019

"In generally all was right and we enjoyed a lot: the staff was very fast and efficient, the boat was in good conditions, and the sailing area, as you know, it's simply wonderful (Mljet, Lastovo, Korcula...)

Only one negative thing; the "extras", that usually have to be payde in site,was very very expensives. In particular, for 2 diving sets we had to paid 50€ !!!!!!!!!!. Further, we think this should to be part of the ship's mandatory security material (in Spain it is like that)

And on the other hand, I would like to ask you, if you ever sailed the mediterranean Turkish coast. Is there the same strong wind (Meltemí) as Greek islands or is a more protected area? Maybe could be the next year destination

With regards,

Santi and crew

Pd. Attached photo mooring in Okuklje (Mljet Island)

Santiago & Friends from Spain, Croatia 2018
Santiago & Friends from Spain, Sailing Croatia, Summer 2018

"We had a great time in our recently Charter at the Balearics!.
The marina is very well located quite near downtown Mallorca and also near a big supermarket.
The people at the marina where very kind and helpfull, the boats where ready to sail at noon, although one of them had an eléctrical problem in the AC internal distribution and it was impossible to fix it before our departure.
During the week we experinced some problems in both yachts related with the WC, wich we could fix them temporarly, and the last day we had a problem with one engine ( it stopped suddenly and does not start again), we call the base and they responded at once, fixing the problem. The people at the marina also where receptive with our feedback .

We sailed southwest surrounding the Island , to take advantage of the SE predominant winds. During the week we could sail a lot, spetially during the afternoon when we experienced between 15 to 25 knots.
The first night we anchored at Ses Covetes beach, ( near Sa Rapita), a very large and sandy beach. The second day we sailed across Cap de Ses Salines mooring at Cala Figuera, beautiful. Small town where we stayed all the day.
On monday we sailed along the coast anchoring at Cala Barques, beautiful beach with caves to explore, late in the afternoon we arrived at the Port of Cala Ratjada, town with a Lot of bars and restaurants.
On tuesday we sailed the North of the Island arriving at the afternoon at Port Poyenza.
On wednesday sailed across the Tramontana coast with very light winds , anchoring at noon at Cala Sa Calobra, amazing place!!!., in the afternoon anchoring at Port de Sóller, one of the pritiest ports we found along the island.
On Thursday we sailed the SW of the Island arriving at port D’Andraxt, where during Friday Morning we Dove at Isla Dragonera between a Lot of Barracudas !.
Arriving at last in the afternoon at the marina, having a great week with friends!.

Attached sending you some photos!, expecting the next charter sail as soon as possible!.
Kind Regards!

Pablo, Fernando & Friends.

Pablo, Fernando & Friends from South America, 2018
Pablo, Fernando & Friends from South America, Sailing the Balearics, 2018

"Hi everybody!
A few days ago I and my friends returned back home from Croatia after amazing yacht week. We rented a yacht named SOL Dufour 350. It was new and very comfortable boat. All equipment inside worked very good! For this week we have visited, I don't exactly remember, about 6 or 8 different islands. Every evening we went to sea-food restaurants. If you like fish, calamari, octopuses, lobsters, seashells and other delicious, Croatia is the best variant for you! Sometimes during our vacation we needed a piece of advice so in those moments Jeremy always helped us, answered all our questions, great thanks for him!
It was my first experience in yachting, and now at home in Russia, every evening I remember those perfect days in Adriatic sea and have a dream to come back!

Elena Krupskaya

Elena Krupskaya & Friends from Russia, Sailing Croatia 2018
Elena Krupskaya, Croatia 2018

"We arrived at noon at the marina and the yacht was ready to sail, (do not try to set sail between 12 and 13) because all the people are Having lunch .
We sail south east for about 8 miles across the entry channel until we reach the Bay and then with heading North until arrive to Hong Island, a place with 3 islands where we anchore in the middle of them, very nice anchorage , protected from the wind, the current a bit strong, so to swim was quite difticult!
We saw the first of our 3 incredible sunsets of the trip!..
The second day we sail during the Morning until arrive to Ko Phak Bia islands, where we have lunch and with the dingy went to the beach!, beautifull beach, small one and as all the islands very crowded!, in the afternoon sailing south , the wind began to blow, so we could sail !, anchoring in Ao Nang Bay, very shallow waters!, really must be carefull in all the places , it is a Constant in this zone.
We bought some things in the town of Ao Nang, and cross to Chicken Island , arriving before sunset and anchoring near Tube Islands ( two islands that are joint with high tide, also very crowded until 5 pm, after that we had the Island only for us!!), the benefits of having our own boat!
The third day we continue sailing south and arrive to Phi Phi Island where we could pick our first buoy of the trip and desembark in Monkey Beach, a lot of monkeys that if you distract a moment , they stole all your stuffs!!,
A couple of miles south the famous Maya Bay, the island of Leo Di Caprio, really amazing, a pitty we couldn’t stay long ( I think it would be incredible to spend the night in the island) , you must catch a buoy inside the bay, it is forbidden to anchor there.
But as next day we have to be at the marina, we set sail in the afternoon heading northwest to anchor after 3 hours sailing in a beautifull Bay , southwest of the big island of Ko Yao Yai. There we had the most beautiful sunset view from the beach with the yacht at the front!. We were alone in the beach until a great amount of monkeys arrive at the beach!, so we ran quickly to the dingy and to the yacht!.
Early in the morning we set sail again to arrive at the marina at noon.
We sail a lot of miles, it was a great sail , ideally to do it during more days!

Fernando Olcese

Fernando & Family, Thailand 2018
Fernando & Family, Thailand 2018

"We chartered a Bavaria 46' out of Skiathos in the Sporades this year and we had a great week. Winds were in our favour, the yacht was perfect and the Base Manager Demetrius was very helpful. We sailed to Nisos Skopelos and Nisos Alonissos to lovely unspoiled places and when sailing was over each day we swam in the Aegean. Here we are in Paitiri coming back from the swim as the shadows lenghten. Thanks to Jeremy and the Team for the impeccable arrangements. This was out tenth year chartering with Inter Yacht Charter.

Tom Tonge and friends
October 2O17.

Tom Tonge & Friends, Paitiri Greece, Sailing Greece 2017
Tom Tonge & Friends, Sailing Greece 2017

"We had a great time, once again sailing in the Seychelles (our 3rd visit) however times have changed and charter boats are being targeted by thieves.

It is not possible anymore to leave the boat unlocked while going snorkelling or going ashore, even just to walk on the beach. We had a guy swimming to the boat but luckily apprehended him before he got away with anything. Of course, a very unpleasant fight ensued. Other boats came to warn us that they had lost cash, phones and cameras. A very sad state of affairs for such a beautiful place. We certainly won't be returning as there are many other amazing places in the world, still left to explore.

No fault of yours, of course. The boat was in great condition and the service from the Base was perfect.

Kind regards
Janice and Rolf H

Janice & Rolf H, 2018
Janice & Rolf H, Seychelles 2018

"We had an excellent experience sailing in the Ionian!!, really was a great choice.
The yacht was a brand new Lagoon 42 and we did not have any problem during the navigation.
We had the yacht ready during the Morning, with a stand up padel board for free!, the provisions bought in a supermarket outside The Marina, cause the prices inside are to much expensive! ( you Have a supermarket at three blocks from The marina).
We set sail in The afternoon to Melanisi where we anchor in Politriki Bay. On Sunday sail to One House Bay and in the afternoon to Fiskardo, crossing with winds from The North at 27 knots, The ladies weren't so happy at that time!.
Fiskardo very nice but The harbour very small with poor facilities to do water, so anchor outside the port .
On Monday morning we sail North to Katsiki beach, incredible place!!, and then to Vasiliki town mooring at the port, where we could fed water.
On Tuesday sail South bordering the east coast of Kefalonia island, anchoring in a small bay at noon, and in the afternoon mooring at Sami town, feeding water.
On Wednesday anchoring at Noon at Andisamos bay , beautiful beach also!, and then passing the night anchored in a small fishermen bay southeast of Ithaca island.
On Thursday we sail bordering east of Ithaca Island, visiting Kioni and Frikes town, and then sail south again mooring at Vathi town, where we fed water.
On Friday just sail North visiting Skorpios ( now a prívate island wich you cannot sail to near the Island, feeding fuel just before entering the Lefkas Marina, where we díd the check out on friday afternoon , though spending the night on board.
As a resume, very nice places to sail, but the facilities to boats are not so well, no marinas, nor buoys and difficulties to get electricity and water in the ports.
The charter people in The Marina very friendly and helpful, The only observation is that I didn't sign any inventory at departure, but when we arrived we have been checked with an inventory I never saw before, but with no problems at all.
Attached I send you some photos!, thank you for all!, and sure you will hear from us very soon!!, which other places you recommend us to sail in the Mediterranean?, we are looking to sail in Turkey, Sardignia or the Baleares next time.
Kinds regards!!.


Maria, Rosana, Viviana & Andrea, Lefkas 2017
Maria, Rosana, Viviana & Andrea, Lefkas 2017

"I have attached a picture. She is the boat closest to the rock wall (it is deep!). This is at Punta de la Foradada on the NW coast of Mallorca.

Very best regards


Richard Stone & Friends from UK, Sailing Balearics 2017
Richard & Friends from UK, Sailing Balearics 2017

"As usual, it was fantastic! Here goes my testimonial:

We had a fantastic experience sailing along the Amalfi Coast and Naples Gulf, full of nice surprises since beginning, when we got our boat in a charming marina in the city of Agropolis just by a medieval vila, not mentioning the warm reception from land´s staff... after that we sailled to Capri where it is could visit the city and have an amazing swim in Grotta Azura... one of the most beautifull things I ever seen... later sailing to Procida, we had to taste more delicious food and some terrible Italian wine...kkk an interesting thing of this small island, is that the "The Talented Mr. Ripley" was filmed there... We some help of the good weather, with nice and constant 15 to 20 knots wind, we could sail almost the hole journey, passing through Sorrento, Positano and back to Agropolis... It was one of the most relaxing and pleasent sailing experiences I ever had in the Mediterranean Sea..."

I will send you the picture later.



Capitão Roberto Dotta Filho, Amalfi Coast - June 2017

"This has been our first charter with Inter Yacht Charter and Jeremy was very attentive. All the process and paperwork was easy and straightforward. And the boat was as expected. Our two weeks in BVI aboard a Nautitech 40 open where amazing. We enjoyed it a lot, as the boat, the place and the weather where perfect. The boat was in very good condition, the place is perfect for sailing holidays because there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, to snorkel, etc., the islands are very close, so you can get everywhere in a moment and everything is ready for charterers so sailing and motoring is very easy there. Our 2 week charter had a situation, as our chart plotter / depth sounder got out of order and I had to use my Ipad for a while and, as we advertised later, its GPS is not accurated enough and fooled me in an approch to anchor in a bay and we hit an unseen underwater rock with the edge of the keel. Then we inspected the damage in the keel and saw that there was a hole and it needed hailing out for repair. Base managers were very attentive and professional as in few minutes they were able to find a yard and a professional in a Saturday who got it done in just 3 hours. After staying at the yard for the night to get dried, we set sail again early Sunday morning. Everything was covered by the insurance. We contacted Jeremy aswell, who was looking for a possible backup boat just in case the reparation was to be longer than expected. Finally we could end our dream vacations sailing and enjoying the paradise. So I just have words of thank for Jeremy and the guys of IYC and I'm sure we'll do our nexts adventures with them.

Thank you Jeremy.


Tortola, BVI 2017
Rafa & Family - Tortola, BVI 2017

"We had an awesome 3 nights on Gillies's Catamaran, sailing around the beautiful islands of and off Nosy Be in Northern Madagascar. We swam, snorkeled, fished and explored the islands. Our crew were brilliant, friendly but gave us our space and the cook made great meals. Will certainly contact Inter Yacht Charter again.

Nosy Be 2016
Amy and Jonny - Madagascar, June 2016

"We had an amazing vacation chartering a Geepee yacht with IYC in Aegean Sea!
The charter was fabulous. The Boat was in a very good condition, the Crew with Captain Tasos just the best we could get! Capitan Tasos is extremely knowledgeable of the area and made us feel safe at sea and on land. The Cook prepared amazing meals, always fresh and very diverse. The other staff was incredibly attentive to all our needs, always hustling to make sure we were having a great time. True professionals, but more importantly by the time we left we all felt like true friends. Hope that the crew is happy to work with us as well. Both the family side and friend side of the trip had a fabulous and very memorable time down there. Could not have asked for anything better. Thank you a lot!!!
P.S.: Special thanks for your assistance. I enjoyed working with you as well and found your attention to detail and our needs exceptional.
You made us feel completely welcomed back! I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on another trip in the future.

Greece, Summer 2016
Andrey Doluda - June 2016

"everything was fine with Elan 50.5 Cyclades "Principessa". Only the anchor light was not working, but this may happen! People were nice in Sukosan Marine. Prompt and helpful when we phoned from the boat for information. The boat goas fast and is very confortable. Of course Croatian islands are gorgeous! Besides we had sun and wind. Some rain too.

Marco A., August 2015
Croatia, Summer 2015
Marco A, Italy - August 2015

"We had a wonderful sail this year in the Southern Cyclades. We picked up the Bavaria 46 in Paros. The team were
most helpful in approving my sail plan and the boat was in first class condition. We sailed her south to Nisos Ios and stayed overnight. The next day we sailed her on to Santorini. It was memorable. We moored in the marina at Vlikhada
on the south coast and visited the hilltop chora. It was stunning. Our photo shows us entering the caldera from the North
sailing past the hilltop town of Oui with the old fishing village of Amouda below. Thanks to Jeremy and the team.

Cyclades, Greece, October 2015
Tom Tonge & Friends, Ireland - October 2015

"Our week long Gulet cruise 11-18 July, 2015 was blessed with perfect weather. This ensured calm waters and bright, sunny days jumping in and out of the water and lazing on the sun mats. When there were threatened high winds one night, the crew ensured we were safely moored in port and someone was awake all night on watch. At all times, we were impressed by the professionalism of Alen and the crew of Gardelin who put the safety and comfort of the group as their priority.

Our itinerary took us from Trogir to Dubrovnik and the islands are beautiful. Most of the towns we visited were small, built in stone with few obvious changes to accommodate tourism. People were welcoming and one could sense the seasonal work necessary to provide for the winter. They were locals trying to accommodate the changing world while still valuing their pasts. Alen's recommendations for fish dinners in Korjula and Slano were well received and in both cases, we were pretty much the only diners, so received excellent attention.

Ann Raybould"
Trogir to Dubrovnik, July 2015
Ann Raybould, Victoria, Australia - July 2015

"Sailing the French Riviere is something you have to do, at least once. And, no doubt, the proper way is aboard of a catamaran. It is expensive, but living on the boat you can allways control your living expenses up to the limit where you feel relatively comfortable. With so many mooring spots, you do not even need to pay for berth. Thank you IYC for your proper service”

Best regards
Ricardo Mihura Estrada
South of France, July 2015
Ricardo Mihura Estrada, Argentina - July 2015

"I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we left the boat. We had a lovely week and good winds and I just wanted to thank you for all your help and information, and answering my endless questions!

Now that we have done the bareboating ourselves, we will definitely be looking to charter another (slightly bigger) yacht next year to take our family away as it will be my husband’s 60th birthday and my daughter’s graduation from University, so a double celebration. I hope you’ll help us choose!

Many thanks and kind regards

Brittany, July 2015
Lesley Richardson, UK - July 2015

"Our family thoroughly enjoyed our yacht charter. The pre-charter service was excellent and the boat was perfect for our needs. Well equipped and clean. We loved Elba in June, a near perfect cruising destination."

J Briggs
Elba, Italia, June 2015
J Briggs, Auckland, NZ - June 2015

"We had a great week, despite some rain, visiting the excellent little marinas in the archipelago near Hiitinen. The boat behaved very well, the food was exceptional in the restaurants, and all the locals were friendly and helpful. All in all, a successful and enjoyable experience. The photo is if the Dufour 34 we hired.

Robin Soldan"
Taalintehdas, Finland 2015
Robin Soldan & Friends, Baltic Sea - July 2015

"Seychelles are absolutely amazing! We took a catamaran from IYC to sail as a group of 10 friends as we do every year, this time from Mahe, Seychelles. Our skipper was very friendly, took us to the best places such as Praslin and Coco de Mer National Park, Cocos Islands, La Digue, and some more. We have seen the most fantastic beaches, small islands as well the best one, world famous at La Digue. We have been eating fresh fishes, drinking local beer, relaxing and having fun. Underwater world is unique as well: we have seen sea turtles, sharks and thousands of other colorful fishes. You can’t compare it with sailing in Europe. You feel in Seychelles like in paradise J. "

Seychelles Yacht Charter April, 2015
Chris Paszek & Friends, Seychelles. - April 2015

"A group of 18 of us chartered the Tamarind for a day in Boracay, Philippines to celebrate the recent marriage of two friends. From the personalized service provided by the crew, to the food, the drinks, and the itinerary, we couldn't have asked for a better day. We're already looking at chartering a yacht for our next trip! "

Boracay, Philippines 2015
Camden Yumori & Friends, Boracay Philippines. - March 2015

"This year was our sixth year to charter through Inter Yacht Charter and as usual wonderful arrangements were made for us. We sailed out of Poros in the Saronic Gulf on a Bavaria 50 for a week and visited the islands of Hydra and Spetses and Ermione on the Greek mainland.
The boat was great, the base personnel were most helpful and we had a lovely time. Thanks to all the staff for making us feel so welcome on Poros. Our photo
shows the hydrafoil arriving at Poros to take us back to Athens at the end of a most enjoyable trip.

The Aegean Greek Island of Poros, October 2014
Tom Tonge & Friends, Dublin, Ireland. - October 2014

"Great spot, great sailing through Ionian Islands and good fun. Once again (fourth time for us), perfect service by Jeremy and rest of Inter Yacht´s crew.
The Ionian Greek Islands, August 2014
Álvaro Parga, Cádiz, Spain. - August 2014

"Fantastic holiday!
We put 6 nice and compatible people, our loved Greece puts islands, sea, tsatsiki, greek hospitality and a constant wind strong enough to entertain.

We had a very comfortable Jeanneau 53 in Kos Marina, we sailed north up to islands, Pserimos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsos, Archi e Patmos, and then again down to south on the opposite side of the same islands. In the first week of september we had empty harbours, few people, comfortable bays, wind from 8 to 18 Kn, sun.

Excellent boat and organization, staff friendly and helpful (Un “ciao” a Pepos, base manager in Kos Marina!).

We had only ONE BIG problem. To leave and come back home. But we shall be back, we had to sail on the south islands, Nisiros, Tilos, Chalki, Alimia, Simi……

The Dodecanese Greek Islands, September 2014
Gianluca Borella, Italia - Settembre 2014

"We had a fabulous family vacation chartering a yacht with IYC in Southwest France! The boat was great and our Captain, Bruno, was delightful. Jeremy responded to all of our emails almost immediately and was extremely responsive to all of our needs. We thank IYC for organizing a wonderful trip that we will never forget. We hope to book another trip with you again in the near future!

Beth Cabrera
Beth Cabrera, Ph.D.
Senior Scholar, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
George Mason University"
South West France, July 2014
Beth Cabrera Ph.D., France - July 2014

"Our team enjoyed the Copa Del Rey 2014, though it was quite difficult to compete there.
Our team opinion of the service provided - as being timely and professional, providing smooth organization of yacht selection and logistics.
we hope to be in touch and go yachting with your help soon.

Copa del Rey 2014, Mallorca
Tigran Mamikonian, Russia - August 2014

"My vacation in South France Riviera was amazing, starting from the marina in Port Grimaud, which is beautiful, with nice restaurants, good supermarket nearby, which is very important to by necessary provisioning... For those who choose this port, I'd say that a visit to the small medieval city of Grimaud is fundamental... People at the Arcadie Plaisance Marina are extremely gentle and careful... the boat was very nice a Dufour 365, which I sailed for the first time. Regarding my route, I would like to emphasize some high points... sailing to the west, a stop in Saint Tropez, to visit nice shopping and restaurants is always a good idea... Going further to the west... a good anchoring place is the bay in the east side of Port Cross Island, which is quite and beautiful, very sheltered... near there, by the coast, I'd say that in a day of weak wind... diving in the coast of Rayol is unforgettable... with blue natural pools all around... another interesting place to stop, now going east are the twin beaches of Cap Tailat... sailing east I'd say that a very good marina to stay is in Port Juan, which has a very charming historic village and is very close to Antibes... I'd also recommend a visit to the old town of Antibes.... Leaving Port Juan you must stop at Margaritte Island for a lunch at a restaurant in the north part of the island, which has a private beach and is by a centenary monastery, with a fantastic view of the city of Cannes... Now returning... to the west again, you must navigate through the coast of Figuerette and if you choose to spend the night... the marina of La Rague is something unbelievable... a marina mixed with medieval constructions arcades and castles, something really fantastic... not forgetting the good variety of restaurants nearby..."

St Tropez, Dufour 365 2014
Roberto Dotta, Brazil - August 2014

"Our stay in French polynesia was out of this world and we had the best time ever during our 3 Weeks charter there.

The Boat ( Lagoon 560 ) was in a very good condition, the Crew with Captain Jerome, Hostess Zio and Deckhand Raita just the best we could get!!!

They were absolutely adorable and we would never change them. Thank you very much for making our Vacation an unforgettable event!!!

The Location was unbeatable. Specially the Tuamotus were just a dream, but also the society Islands are just the best!!

We will come back for sure!!!

Sandro Lagana, MD, Surgeon"
Tahiti, Lagoon 560 2014
Sandro Lagana, Switzerland - July 2014

"Fantastic Holiday !! The Location, The Sea, The Winds ... everything was absolutely perfect !
Thanks so much for your kind support ... we will be back soon!

Michela Pellizzer


The Dodecanese Islands, June/July 2014
Michela Pellizzer & Family, Veneto, Italia - June/July 2014

"We have just returned from Chartering a Cyclades 50.4 in Angra dos Reis through Inter Yacht Charters. This is my 32nd bareboat charter over 30 years in most of the major bareboat destinations worldwide. I would rate this cruising ground in Brazil, (200km south of Rio -- Angra dos Reis> llha Grande> Paraty) an -- 8/10. Great spot wonderful anchorages, just a magnificent cruising ground. What it lacks in wind it makes up in beaches, towns, anchorages and overall cruising experience. There were moments of good sailing mostly as the day cools, but generally this protected archipelago's greatest asset is the 365 amazing Islands. Inter Yacht Charter was a very professional Yacht Charter Company who provide me with well-organized and helpful feedback and simply an overall trustworthy charter experience.

Rob MacRiner, Toronto Canada

Angra dos Reis Charter Video

Angra dos Reis, April 2014
Rob MacRiner, Toronto Canada - April 2014

"What a beautiful country! Montenegro! And viewing it from the seaside makes it even better.
We had a complete equipped Lagoon 440 that left no wishes unfilled. And of course perfect weather during our week at the end of september.
So we are in favor to booking our next trip with Inter Yacht Charter again.
Montenegro, Late September 2013
Roman Stoiber, Austria - Late, September 2013

"It is a pleasure to provide our feedback/testimonial.
We have just returned from our first bareboat charter out of Mahon, Menorca. Fortunately we found Jeremy from IYC who responded promptly to our emails and guided us through the booking process.
Elizabeth and John who provided our Bavaria 34' were friendly and helpful and we immediately felt at ease. The yacht supplied was as we had hoped.
During our two weeks we leisurely circumnavigated the Island (all 22 x 11 miles of it) and found some beautiful calas (Cala Morell on the north west coast is our anchorage in the photograph). Ciutadella on the west coast was a lovely harbour where we berthed for a few days.
We have already booked our next charter with Jeremy and we are off to the BVI next April full of confidence.

Karen and Ronnie Waddell"
Menorca, Balearics, September 2013
Karen & Ronnie Waddell, UK - September 2013

"What a great trip. Everything went to plan…including the airports pick-ups and drop-offs. The boat was superb and, given it was brand new (2013), a pleasure to sail. The staff at the marina spoke perfect English and were extremely helpful. The weather beautiful and winds just right. We found some fabulous bays, in which to spend our days and some great restaurants for the evening. All in all a really top holiday. Will send you our favourite photo later.

Many thanks again and we are all looking forward to our next charter…perhaps Greece??
All the best

Gocek, Turkey, July/August 2013
Neil Morrison, Hong Kong - July/August 2013

"This was our second time chartering a yacht with IYC, and like the First time last year everything was just perfect. Jeremy was very helpful in our Croatian Islands itinerary and choosing the rights yachts (two Bavaria 45). The yachts were in perfect condition.

We are looking forward to our next sailing vacations next year!"
Hvar, Croatia, August 2013
Pablo Gil, Chile - August 2013

"Our experience was incredible, the boat was in a very good shape, the transfer service (airport-marina) was impeccable and Greece is amazing... We had just a week, so we preferred to make the following route: Aegina, Poros and Hydra. The port of Aegina is quite ok, there you can find nice restaurants, rent a scooter to make a tour round the island and make a visit to the beautiful Petrika, which is a nice and safe place to anchor (be aware that the dock is to shallow, less than 2 meters), in Agia Marina there is a good dock, where you can find nice restaurants and can make a visit to the temple of Afea. At Poros, be very careful at the channel which is extremely shallow, the island side of the channel is around 3 meters deep and you can find nice, but very disputed places to dock, I recommend a visit to Russian Bay (good and safe anchoring place) and Love Bay. Hydra is extremely beautiful, but the port is terrible, mainly in summer season and with the meltemi blowing hard, its almost impossible to dock after 15:00hs... but its worth walking around the south part of the island... Regarding our marina in Athens, I though the structure a little poor and we had to make our supply shopping our selves again, because the list we required was lacking most important items... on the other hand, this was off set by people warm full reception and interest to help
All the best,
Athens & Greek Islands, August 2013
Roberto Dotta Filho, Brazil - August 2013

"Just writing to say what a great charter we had out of Lefkada, we could have stayed there for ever. The catamaran was super (apart from a few minor electrical faults) and we could not have had, better weather.

Now, I’m looking at our next charter. Could you send me all the details, we’d be looking at a similar sized catamaran.
Thanks again for a superb time
Pat Lee"
Ionian Sea, Greek Islands, July 2013
Pat Lee & Friends, Perth, Australia - Lefkas, July 2013

"We had a great time in Lagos or as I now know it's pronounced 'Laarrgoosh' after much practice when requesting the bridge to be opened (which was good fun).
Thanks for a smooth & helpful booking process.
The Charter company based in Lagos Portugal couldn't have been more helpful & friendly, many thanks to Pedro & Goncalo. The Elan 384 yacht 'Just Impression' was in great condition & an absolute pleasure to sail.
We generally had good winds and we also had a family day set out with the intention of dolphin watching. We deliberately went the opposite way to the tourist dolphin watch boats (which I've always found disappointing & instead we went 5 miles due south of Lagos & had a dolphin sighting. We then chased after them & they spent ages swimming along side the yacht and in total there was a pod of approximately 30 dolphins spread out. This completely made the holiday for the kids & ladies (two families of four),,,, I quite enjoyed it as well!!!.
Unfortunately, I can't give you one favourite photo so you'll have to choose. The attached photos were taken whilst chasing dolphins.... the smiles say it all.
Many thanks & hope to book yacht through Inter yacht charter again some time.
Best wishes Mitchell & Jones. "
Algarve, July/August 2013
The Mitchell & Jones Families, UK - Algarve, July/August 2013

"We just completed a wonderful 7 day sail coordinated by Jeremy and Inter Yacht Charter. Neither my husband nor I had ever sailed before and we had a fantastic experience! We also appreciated Jeremy’s willingness to answer questions via phone or email. He always responded promptly and thoroughly.

Sailing through Croatia was an amazing way to see the country. We loved the flexibility of the trip and all the beautiful places we visited. One piece of advice – if you can go for 2 weeks, it provides more time to get to visit the various islands; we often had to keep moving due to our desire to see multiple destinations and our timeline. Our skipper was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and professional. He really added to the experience. We would absolutely do this again and recommend it to friends."
Montenegro to Dubrovnik, July 2013
Laura & Steve, NY - Montenegro to Dubrovnik, July 2013

"The four of us have done a number of sailing trips over the years - first the Solent then graduating to further afield - Salcombe to Brixham, Western Isles of Scotland, West Coast of Ireland and more recently up the coast from Marstrand in Sweden. This year it fell on me to organise the trip and we decided to revisit Sweden again and explore the Stockholm Archipelago. We were fussy about the boat - not too old, at least 40 foot, two wheels, three cabins - oh, and not too expensive! The options were few and far between until I discovered Jeremy at IYC. He very quickly determined our requirements and served up a number of choices - including the best deal we'd found so far - so before Christmas we paid the fee and booked our flights for June.

We've just come back from the trip and everything about it was excellent. The Archipelago itself was stunning with good winds and sailing - weather ranging from late 20s sunshine to (brief) rain storms. We anchored and swam to some islands on the first day and became dab hands at navigating narrow and shallow channels and mooring bow-to in natural harbours. 'Sol' our Bavaria 42 was well kitted out and in great condition. The base and handover were efficient and friendly with quick responses to our occasional text queries ("how do you lower the galley table" - it's electric, button under the seat!). Over all the trip was rated 'best so far' by a pretty exacting group of punters. We now look forward to next year's adventure - we're talking about Denmark or Croatia - and Jeremy will be the first person we consult."
Stockholm Sweden, June 2013
Paul Merriman, UK - Sweden, June 2013

"I think this is the third or fourth time we have used your services and once again you did not disappoint. As you know we always charter 3 yachts of 45' plus and we have always got what we have requested. Keeping 22 Guys happy is no mean feat!!!

The charter companies have always been more than accommodating and this year was no exception. The local Company met our needs magnificently, this was a first for us having a one way charter, but both bases couldn't have been more helpful.
Thank you.
Mick Norman. The SAD Boys. Fethiye to Bodrum, May 2013"
It's not what you think...     Fethiye to Bodrum, Turkey, May 2013
Mick Norman, UK - Fethiye to Bodrum, May 2013

"Langkawi, Malaysia 26th Jan - 2nd Feb 2013
Having chartered in the Mediterranean before Malaysia was not a natural destination for us. However with my son studying at a university near Kuala Lumpur it seemed like a good opportunity to extend our range.
We struggled getting a suitable yacht until we happened on Inter Yacht Charter. With Jeremy helping us with all our detailed questions about the charter and reading more regarding the Islands of Malaysia and Thailand we were hooked.
The yacht provided (Cyclades 433) was first class. Well maintained, clean and very well equipped for the local conditions.
But what a destination. From the uninhabited island of Koh Chuku with deserted golden beaches to the Bohemian island of Koh Lipe and the luxury resorts of Langkawi the area has it all.
And with just a handful of Islands visited in a week we have plenty more to explore on another charter!
(Picture within the Hole in the Wall, Langkawi)."
Langkawi, Malaysia January/February 2013
Philip Moore, UK - January/February 2013

"I took the family to Palma Mallorca, for the mid-term break while my seven year-old granddaughter was off school. We chartered a lovely Oceanis 343 through Inter Yacht Charter and day-sailed in the Bay of Palma when the winds permitted. It is a lovely city and the Base pontoon was adjacent to the old town. As is usual, the arrangements put in place in advance, by Jeremy and his team worked out splendidly. Here we are out in the bay while my granddaughter takes a turn at the helm."
Palma de Mallorca, November 2012
Tom Tonge & Family from Rathmines, Dublin - November 2012

"Our annual Autumn sailing adventure this year took us to Kos in the Dodocanese Islands in Greece where we chartered a fine Bavaria 46, through www.interyachtcharter.com and sailed to Kalymnos, Leros, Lipso in lovely winds and sunny climes. The islands are all different. Kalymnos is busy and bustling. Lakke on Leros, by contrast, is very quiet and Lipsi is almost asleep. The picture shows Barney, our port stern man, selecting a sponge for his inamorata in the home of sponges; Pothia on Kalymnos.

We had a lovely trip this year and all the arrangements Inter Yacht Charter made for us were impeccable. Thanks to Jeremy and his team for a great sailing holiday."
Dodecanese Islands, October 2012
Tom Tonge & Friends from Rathmines, Dublin - October 2012

I wanted to tell a little of our Family Vacation. We sailed Brazil, at the islands of Angra Dos Reis. Sergio my husband was the Skipper, myself and 5 children for 1 week. It was the first time we all went "camping on the water". The truth is, that it was a Spectacular Family Experience!

The sailboat was exactly what we had leased, and as Jeremy helped us countless times when I wrote asking him everything I could possibly think of with many of the practical things. Flavia and Angra people were also very friendly and helped to keep us on the ground and assistance like shopping for food on the boat.

But the best was the beauty of Ilha Grande, the beaches and the many other islas. The calm waters, allowing us to see the fish and swim in the sea, almost always alone. What we liked the most was Jurubaiba Island, Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul and the very quiet sleepy Saco do Ceu. The kids and I had a great time snorkeling, for them it was their first time. I'd love to repeat this experience in the future!
Anita Correa"
Angra dos Reis, September 2012
Anita & Sergio from Santiago - September 2012

"The trip I'm glad to state beat everyones expectations, the amenities and space available on the Lagoon 450 are quite impressive, to say we were spoiled would be an understatement! Both Skipper and Host were excellent, professional and above all friendly, hat's off to yachtvoyage for being a top notch organization.

Croatia in particular the Elaphiti islands (aka Dalmation coast) is remarkable, the proximity of the islands is something I'm not used to, in under 5-6 hours or less you are at a new destination, this allows for maximum exposure to different ports in minimum time (7 days), we even made it as far as Hvar.

Attached is a group photo and one of Dubrovnik, it's the type of trip that makes working tolerable ;)
My thanks for your patience and guidance during the chartering process. Certainly I hope we can plan a trip in the future!
Dubrovnik, September 2012
Anthony P of NY - September 2012

"I am willing to confirm IYC did an excellent job finding the right boat for us to sail in Croatia, all was perfectly scheduled, thanks for your professionalism!
We will definitely contact you next time we need to rent a boat for sailing!
Best regards!"
Barcelona, July 2012
Chris Debove of France - August 2012

"In July I sailed from Barcelona for 1 week, with my teenage children. WE had the best holiday yet...even better that skiing they said!!!
Contact with Jeremy from the outset at booking enquiry stage was a good indicator of the professionalism of the company.
It also indicated what was to come with regard to how my questions were answered and also the advice I received. His knowledge and experience was fantastic. The Boat was well equipped and clean.
Our Skipper, Carlos, was great. He instilled confidence and a feeling of safety which was very important to me, travelling with kids. But most importantly he had a sense of fun and ensured that we had a holiday while teaching us!!!
In fact the overall feeling I brought away from my holiday was........ I had just experienced what customer service should be about!!! Jeremy, and our Skipper Carlos are experienced and professional in what they do and they used this to assist me in arranging and enjoying a fantastic week.
It was too short....
We will be back......."
Barcelona, July 2012
Trish, Daniel and Sarah Bantry IRE - July 2012

"The negotiation for the boat was easy and efficient for departure from Pomer/Pula. A few things needed to be fixed on the boat but they were all sorted out quickly, professionally and with good humour.

In the last 30 years I have sailed on S coast of England, N France, been across Biscay, sailed often in Gallicia, Med, Italy, Sardinia, Aeloian, Corsica, Greece and Turkey. It was a real and unexpected pleasure to sail in Croatia where I had been before many moons ago but as a landlubber. Just the right thing for family cruising, no great distances, crystal clear waters, bargain prices and pleasant people. As an example, I needed to stock up the boat in Pomer before leaving but the supermarket (“Market”) in the marina was closed so I walked to the village. The lady in the village supermarket said she would find it difficult to deliver to the marina. I was about to do a small shopping that I could carry to the marina when she proposed a solution. She would lend me her car! So I was then able to do a really large shopping…… We went windsurfing, visited the Blue Grotto in Cres, went up the Zaljev Rasa to Trget, stopped in the lagoon in Punat and visited the old monastery, Illovik, Silba (must spend more time there next time) , Olib, Dugi Otok, then Premuda and of course Mali Losinj on the way back to Pomer. Then we spent the last evening at a jazz concert in the Pula Arena (Amphitheatre). Some good sailing and interesting places.

The pleasure of being able to drop anchor overnight in a peaceful bay in August with no crowds, or the entrepreneurial sellers of fresh bread and fruit in the morning. That takes a lot of beating. We had a great time."
Istria, August 2012
Andrew G & Family, Pula - August 2012

"Back to our everyday life after a pleasant break in Greece, sailing with our Sun Odyssey 42DS. The yacht was in perfect conditions and all was supervised before our departure to ensure a really amazing sailing through the Cyclades pushed by a fierce Meltemi wind. We appreciated a good organisation and kind attention when few inconveniences on our check-in were solved quickly and proactively. Regarding the trip and the islands, we could discover really nice hidden villages and beaches, the local people were kind and funny and we could also earn a few kilos enjoying the greek cuisine, salads, yogurts and ouzos J
Cyclades Islands, Greece. 17th–24th August 2012
Best regards,
Cyclades, August 2012
Victor, Agusti & Friends, Cyclades, Greece - August 2012

"Another amazing break organised by Inter Yacht Charter. This trip was luxury from beginning to end, the boat was very comfortable, the crew amazing. I highly recommend a cruise around Croatia with this crew!
Martin Travis"
Split, July 2012
Martin Travis, Split, Croatia - July 2012

"Jeremy at Inter Yacht has helped us arrange trips so many times now that he’s almost my best friend! Once again we chose to sail in Turkey this summer and were delighted with the boat, the organization and most importantly the delights of sailing in Turkish waters. There is so much to do and see as well as beautiful water and sometimes exciting wind!"
Gocek, July 2012
Deborah Prince, Turkey - July 2012

"What are you waiting for from Yachting. If you are not a Fedor Konyukhov of course– comfortable yacht, good and favorable wind, sun, good friends and tasty dinner tonight. And we had all of it.
Lagoon 380 is very comfortable and it’s very easy to control it. All the week the wind was about 15-25 knots and mostly Beam reach or broad reach so we used spinnaker or butterflyed with mainsail and jib. And of Course Northern Dalmatia is very Beautiful and perfect for yachting – there are too many islands with small bays, where you could stay on anchor and have a lunch or some small villages with few restaurants where you could have dinner, where there are no tourists, shops, souvenirs and only you, your boat & beautiful views. And of course old towns of Croatia which are very popular with the tourist. So I know that we’ll come back to Croatia again.
Jeremy, thank you once again, and hope to contact you next winter with our new voyage plans.
С Уважением \ Best regards"
Dubrovnik to Kotor, June 2012
Anton Vostrikov, Kotor, Montenegro to Dubrovnik, Croatia - June 2012

"This was our ninth year of 'skippered' sailing , and our first in Spanish waters. The Marina at Denia is easily accessible , with good facilities ( supermarket is a 6 minute cab ride away ) — don't forget to return your security card to toilet/shower block, and collect the deposit before you leave! The staff at the Marina, were most helpful. The yacht was in good condition in all respects, and sailed (when we had enough wind) well.

Another first this year was our lady skipper. Aside from one seasoned sailor, the rest of our group are at best gifted amateurs and therefore the need for a well qualified skipper is paramount. She was excellent in all aspects of yachtsman-ship, and a good controlling influence on the more adventurous amongst us….…
Her knowledge of the area is also first class.
All in all a very good experience from start to finish.
Denia, Spain, June 2012
Fraser Jennings, Denia - June 2012

"the trip was very good even though it rained a lot. the boat was very spacious, very nice places and all the charm of brazil .. thank you also for answering mails quickly with our questions. hope to make another trip in the future
best regards
Angra dos Reis, Brazil, May 2012
Pelayo Gumucio, Brazil - May 2012

"Jeremy and IYC were extremely helpful in setting up our Charter. They answered all of our questions and provided good guidance for us while we were visiting Brasil. The people at the Base, Flavia and the Captain, Paulo, were wonderful people to hang out with and learn from, about the local area and culture. Given the opportunity, we would come back to see them and Angra dos Reis over and over.
It’s not the most popular place for Brasilians, because to enjoy the beaches you need to have a boat of some kind to get there. The result is a feeling of exclusivity and privacy in a natural paradise that even in our dreams, we did not imagine.
Thank you all for your help!"
Angra dos Reis, Brazil, May 2012
Adam & Amy Gray, Angra dos Reis - May 2012

"Thank you all for a most enjoyable trip, and particularly Neill for all the arrangements.
I have attached a picture of the motley crew, and some bloke who offered to do a skippered charter next year if we are unsure what to do.
Thanks again
Best wishes from Roger (the diver)"
Neill, Rodger & Friends
Croatia, May 2012
Neill Bainbridge - Croatia, May 2012

"When we thought about chartering a boat in Brazil, I started to search in the internet and I found IYC. It was our first time chartering a boat. Everything worked just perfect! I can say now -very happy- that it was one Of the best vacations ever! Jeremy, at IYC, was very helpfull and allways available for us. Now, we are looking forward to our next charter, probably in Panamá next year!
Bests regards,
Angra dos Reis, Brazil, May 2012
Pablo Gil Mallarini, Brazil - March 2012

"With only 2 days notice, Jeremy at Inter Yacht Charter was able to put together all the arrangements for a fantastic and memorable charter. Cook, Skipper and provisions were all waiting for us when we arrived. We could not have been looked after better by Inter Yacht Charter or the fantastic crew.
Thank you !"
Martin Travis
Cuba, February 2012
Martin Travis - Cuba, February 2012

"We needed a serious charter operator for our business when searching for bareboats in the Canary Islands. Among many, we came across Inter Yacht Charter. They heve been extremely helpful and service-minded, giving us good offers on a variety of yachts, they have highly professional and friendly staff, and not the least; it led to two weeks of wonderful sailing in the Canary Islands.
We're now looking at sailing in the Mediterranian, and Inter Yacht Charter is our first choice of charter operator, based on our first experience with them."
Gunnar M Haldorsen
The Sailschool of Oslo, Norway
Gran Canaria, January 2012
Gunnar M Haldorsen - Gran Canaria, January 2012

"Our trip to Belize was all you could ask for: adventurous, beautiful, and safe. Many thanks to Jeremy at Inter Yacht for being impeccably organized and communicative, and also to everyone at the TMM Base. We couldn't have imagined a boat in better condition than Hope, and a destination with so much to offer. We especially enjoyed our inland adventure which organized by the base: we visited the Belize Zoo and went cave tubing. And we'll certainly never forget the dolphins that raced just along our bow, or the manatees we saw coming up for air along the reef.

I think we plan to take a break from family Christmas sailing in 2012 after three years of sailing in a row, Aaron and I might plan a trip for sailing in the Med (Croatia?) sometime in the next year so I'll be sure to be in touch.
Thanks, Liz"
Belize, December/January 2011
Liz Nelson - Belize December/January 2012

"We chartered in Croatia this year and had a wonderful weeks cruising on the Dalmatian coast. Inter Yacht Charter arranged a splendid boat in Split for my party of seven and all the arrangements Jeremy put in place for us beforehand fell beautifully into place at the required time. Croatia is a lovely place to sail and we threaded our way from Split to Dubrovnik stopping in some idyllic islands, Brac, Vis, Korcula and the crystal clear water was warm enough to swim, off the small town of Slano on the mainland. We passed this beauty anchored just off the island as we sailed into Korcula town. Thanks to Jeremy and his team for a memorable October sail this year."
Split & Dubrovnik October 2011
Tom Tonge and friends from Dublin. - Split & Dubrovnik, October 2011

"Jeremy, hey!
We are so happy!!! and very greatfull to all of your team for hospitality, highly qualified team and amazing holidays!
We spent wonderful time on the yacht and made giga's of photos under water and above:)
As for the trip. we all consider it as best summer trip ever, We had lot's of fun, got relaxed and refreshed in blue Adriactic sea. The crue is very nice, We felt safe and secure with Konstantin and Nikolaii, Also I would like to thank you and Katerina for attentive management."
Dubrovnik & Kotor late July 2011
Anastasia Borisova of Moscow - Dubrovnik & Montenegro, late July 2011

"This is the fifth time we arrange our sailing holiday with Inter Yacht Charter and once again the arrangements were perfect and everything we expected was as promised. Turkey is a fantastic place to sail with something for everyone, beautiful water, great wind for those who like a challenge as well as areas of calm cruising. Beautiful coast lines, historical sites everywhere and some incredibly interesting places to shop and eat. Gocek (our starting place) was idyllic and charmingly unspoilt...and facing a sailing area which is environmentally protected. This gives challenges for mooring but equally is protecting a beautiful location for future generations of sailors. What a fantastic holiday!"
Gocek July 2011
Dr Debbie Prince, Directeur Général - Gocek, Turkey - July 2011

"I’m really pleased to endorse your service, after our wonderful week in Turkey. You stepped into the breach when we needed a boat at short notice, and you found us a big cat which was exactly what we needed for a very picky group! The trip from the base at Marmaris was truly memorable, with wonderful sailing, beautiful coastline and very nice local people wherever we stopped – and all arrangements from the base, including airport transfers, supplies on board and the standard of maintenance of the boat were perfect. Your charter brokerage service was also perfect – all the documentation and our different queries were dealt with very quickly and efficiently, so we really had everything we needed for a great time. The only regret was that we didn’t book for several more weeks! Thanks from all of us."
Marmaris June 2011
John Forsyth & Friends - Marmaris, Turkey - June 2011

"Croatian Charter was very good! Yacht was very clear and comfortable. Ms Ivana is very polite lady. Thank you, for good organization our trip."
Split June 2011
Ruslan Gladyshev - Split, Croatia June 2011

"We found 2 different Turkeys – one with small dirty beaches, similar hotels, drunk tourists, importunate traders and another Turkey with beautiful bays, pretty islands, small villages with very tasty restaurants. Friendly owners of restaurants will help you to moor, then serve you in the restaurant, then sell something in a minimarket and again help you to leave marina.
We visit Turkey at the beginning of June and travel in Gokova Bay (Near Bodum). This is really very nice place for sailing - strong but steady wind about 20-30 kn, and at the east side of the bay waves could be 1,5-2,5 metres, however you could always find safety place for mooring and have dinner in the restaurant were you’ll be the only visitor. The water is very clear, already warm, but still could refresh you after several hours on board under sun. So I’d like to advise such kind of vacations for anyone who likes sea, sun & yachts. Hope to repeat it again…."
Bodrum, May/June 2011
Anton Vostrikov & Friends - Bodrum, May/June 2011

"We were so pleased with the professionalism, organization, and overall quality of Inter Yacht Charter. The service was detail oriented, timely and friendly, from the moment Jeremy and I first corresponded via email. The boat was excellently cared for and in fantastic condition. We are already planning for our next charter through IYC"
St Lucia, Caribbean June 2011
Liz Nelson & Friends - Caribbean June 2011

"We had a wonderful time with the Sail fish Catamaran in the Maldives. For scuba diver lovers there is no better combination than a private liveaboard and the Maldives. Having the chance to dive only special sites away from other divers makes the difference. The food was correct nothing fancy, not a great variety just correct. The Crew was nice, willing to satisfy any requirements. The Divemaster knew the sites and cared for security. We had a nice vacation an eager to do it again either in the Maldives or other part of the world."
Maldives, February 2011
Sergio Korzin and family - Maldives, February 2011

"When we chose to go sailing to Canary Islands in January, we hoped to get rest from continental winter, but we would have never dreamed about the weather being so perfect as it was the whole week. We had great fun sailing on the big waves of Atlantic ocean in 20 to 25 kts wind. Roman, technician at our base, was always very helpful with everything and always gave us good sailing tips. One day we were lucky to observe whales as they spent some time swimming with our ship. The only thing we regret is that we didn't stay longer, because one week is just not enough to explore Canaries."
Tenerife, Canaries January 2011
Jan Kovar, Slovak Republic - Tenerife, Canaries January 2011

"We very enjoyed short cruise with Omega yacht owned by Moniques family. She was excellent captain, accompanied by her son Matias. My wife Ona and I were celebrating 25th marriage anniversary and our friends Remigijus and Rasa had their mentioned celebration a month before. We had sailing from Puerto Mont Chili round National Nature reserve fjords. Amazing trip mostly in un-habitant land. We love Chile. Chile is amazing country – we call it “The model of the Worlds Nature wonders”, because in this country you may find Norway or New Zealand fjords, lakes and mountains as in Austria or Swiss, not even mentioning volcano’s. And this is combined with long Siberian distances between villages. Absent of mobile connection on the board was advantage that helps forget the “world problems”, and personal affairs, that seemed too small to remember. But Omega comfort with pisco, good wine, food and kind crew made us feel safe as at home. We would like to return…
Arunas, Ona, Remigijus Rasa."
Puerto Montt, Chile, December and January 2011
Arunas Zemaitis, Lithuania Ogmios Real Estate Lithuania - Puerto Montt, Chile, December and January 2011

"We thoroughly enjoyed our sailing trip. It was pretty hot and it did rain quite alot. I gather the main season starts in Nov. We only had 1 day sailing on the last day. No wind. The boat was adequate. We seemed to be the only boat about and very few tourists which made it more special. We sailed S from Ko Chang to Ko Mac and Ko Kut . We'd have beakfast and lunch on the boat and dinner ashore. Often we were the only group having dinner at nice little Thai resorts. Yummy fresh fish, good food, lots of choice and cheap. Certainly a beautiful area, i hope it doesnt get too touristy. Will try and find a photo.
regards Fiona"
Koh Chang, Thailand October 2010
Fiona Buchanan & Friends - Koh Chang, Thailand October 2010

"We chartered again this year from www.interyachtcharter.com and went to South Biscay which is great a place to cruise. We had a lovely boat a Dufour 38.5 which came in pristine condition courtesy of Pierre, the base Manager in Hendaye, who was most helpful to us in plotting our cruise and recommending places to overnight. We sailed to San Sebastian in Spain and were stormbound there in a F9 for 24 hrs. It is a culinary delight. When the storm cleared we sailed on to Getaria another delightful Basque town. In the photo our Fore-deck Man Mike, looks out over the strait in San Sebastian in the teeth of the storm.
Many thanks to Jeremy for his unerring arrangements which made our holiday so enjoyable.
Tom Tonge, Rathmines, Dublin."
San Sebastian, October 2010
Tom Tonge & Friends - San Sebastian October 2010

"Gratitude! It was a great trip! I have traveled extensively in croatia and the Balkans over the last 20 odd years and have always wanted to do a cruise on a sail boat! As a sailor on San Francisco Bay, I love to sail in challenging situations but covet the idea of sailing on the enchanting coastline of Croatia! It was realized after working with you and our numerous needs as two SF families, one of which never sails! The 51ft Bavaria was a perfect choice, lots or cabins for parents and kids and solo for the skipper (who was great!!!!, Daniel was delightful! He was a great guide who enjoyed the company of the kids! He took us to the Devils Islands, Stari Grad, Vis etc and we had a terrific time and ate better than we could have in SF and sailed better than SF.
I would sail again w/ Danny and would rent a Bavaria again!!!
Thanks a million!!!"
Croatia, August 2010
Elizabeth Diaz - Croatia, August 2010

"The catamaran was a wonderful way to discover Turkey. We had an amazing 2 weeks full of new experiences and delightful memories. Turkey is beautiful, crystal waters, lovely people, wonderful places to anchor and soak up the beautiful scenery. I can't begin to describe the diversity of rocks and plants! The wind when it blew made for great sailing and when it was calm the cruising was easy...so much to see. We found some of the large cities really interesting too. A perfect blend of holiday; sailing, sun, discovery and relaxation. Jeremy and his team were great and the base team very helpful.
Looking forward to the next trip!!!
Thanks Debbie"
Bodrum, July 2010
Dr Debbie Prince of Switzerland - Turkey July 2010

"We had a wonderful week sailing in South Brittany in mid-September this year. We were a crew of eight aboard a Feeling 44 which we chartered through Inter Yacht Charter. From the planning stage early in May we received the most helpful professional attention from Jeremy. Every query I as skipper, raised with him from bedding to lifejackets to airport pick-up, he arranged with calm efficiency. We were collected at Nantes airport as he arranged and delivered to the yacht. His local Agent at Arzal Philippe, on the Vilaine estuary was most helpful and everything turned out precisely as Jeremy had planned for us. We sailed into the most beautiful places. From Arzal to Port du Crousty and up the Morbihan Sea to Vannes, south then to La Belle I’sle and ended up the Vilaine river at La Roche Bernard where you may catch us enjoying ourselves in the crew photograph on our last night in Brittany. It is a lovely place for a sailing holiday. Thanks to Jeremy and his team for putting the excellent infrastructure in place."
Brittany, September 2009
Tom Tonge, Rathmines Dublin - Brittany September 2009

"Just wanted to say: thanks very much for organising the boat for us. Everything went smoothly - so smoothly I've already been sailing again! Can only recommend also the skipper!
Best, Tina"
Sardinia, July, August & September 2009
Tina Rydberg, London - Sardinia July, August & September 2009

"Yacht was perfect and very nice. Fešando is very good man and have nice restaurant with great food and Sangria. Some photos are on Facebook.
thanks Filip" IB Travel
Ibiza, August 2009
Filip Dohnálek and Friends, Prague, Czech Republic - Ibiza, August 2009

"It was two weeks of a great adventure! Days were incredibly sunny but it is nothing odd in Greece! Nights full of falling stars made us whish to come back in the next summer. The boats were ideal for our group, we had a great time resting aboard or exploring forgotten islands and bays that nobody was before! This is the delight of being free to choose where you sail. Katrina's support was very usefull.
Best regards and see you soon!
President Maciej Szpot, Businessman Fun Club" Businessman Fun Club
Cyclades, August 2009
President Maciej Szpot, Businessman Fun Club, Poland - Cyclades, Greece, August 2009

"Most time good weather, a lot of sun, sometimes rain, all time good wind F3-6. It is some kind of adventure to sail in Estonia: The harbours are in “Ex-Soviet-Style”, big piers in the middle of nowhere. Very few boats there, but people very friendly and helpful, speaking English. WLAN (Wi-fi) in all harbours. Harbours are cheap, about 16 Euro per day for a Bavaria 49. In Happsalu we stopped for one day, and we went to sauna with view over marina from the large sauna-windows – fantastic!! All together we sailed about 260 miles in 6 days. For the owner it was okay that we gave back the boat later Saturday afternoon – very comfortable, because we have been out late in Tallinn the night before.

It was a great trip. The communication with www.interyachtcharter.com was all time very good, and really easy going, with the owner of boat in Tallinn.
Thanks for everything! John" Deutsche Anwaltshotline
Estonia, July 2009
Johannes Goth and Friends, Germany - Estonia, July 2009

"We are just back from our Canary Islands adventure on a bare boat Bavaria 41. The sailing in the accelerator zones was exciting and challenging. Every day there was great wind and it was a delight. The islands we explored were unknown to us before as they are the least developed from a tourist point of view. This is the delight of being free to choose where you sail. The boat was in great shape and handled well. We had good support from the team in Tenerife with check in and advice of how to tackle the weather and sailing. All problems were solved professionally and speedily and we come back missing the sun and feeling ready to sail again with Inter Yacht!"
Dr Debbie Prince of Switzerland - Tenerife, Canaries July 2009
Dr Debbie Prince of Switzerland - Tenerife, Canaries July 2009

"We had a fabulous trip which will never be forgotten. It will be some time before we get all our photos together, but will most certainly send you some. Katerina was fantastic and provided lots of advice which turned out to be great. The whole process was very smooth.
The wives and girlfriends are adamant that they have the chance to come on the next trip which will require something larger. We really appreciate all your hard work trying to find the perfect boat. It was an unforgettable experience which we will be telling our grandchildren about.
Cheers, Colin & Fraser, Swashbuckler Adventures"
Colin Scarlett & Fraser Hall of Canada - Cyclades, Greece, May 2009
Colin Scarlett & Fraser Hall of Canada - Cyclades, Greece, May 2009

"It was really Fun, the average wind – 20-30kn, big waves and a lot of rain. All of us enjoy this trip and we already started to think about next vocations in 2010."
Anton Vostrikov & Friends of Moscow - Montenegro, May/June 2008 + 2009
Anton Vostrikov & Friends of Moscow - Montenegro, May/June 2008 + 2009

"Three trips with Inter Yacht Charter. Two trips in Caribbean Sea (2007, 2008) and this year (March 2009) in Thailand – Phang Nga Bay with famous destinations: Phuket, Ko Racha, Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, James Bond Rock, Sea Gipsy Village. Everything worked perfectly on the Bahia 46 Catamaran, Salicorne. The Yacht Charter staff at Yacht Haven Marina and the people in the restaurants and bars were extremely nice. Thailand is a sea with thousands of marvellous islands. The crew of the Catamaran Salicorne is fully satisfied."
Arpad & Milos, Bratislava, Slovakia, March 2009
Arpad & Milos, Bratislava, Slovakia, March 2009

"I could not have asked for a better crew, boat and location. Ali, Sharrif and Naji anticipated any desire we could possibly have. Sharrif even climbed coconut trees and picked fresh coconut for us to drink, caught a turtle with his hands for us to see and baked cakes. It was truly wonderful. We hope to be back one day.
Costanzo Rapone & Family of Italia - Maldives, December/January 2008/09
Costanzo Rapone & Family of Italia - Maldives, December/January 2008/09

"We are all back in Cape Town after a most fantastic charter. The yacht was impeccably clean and the skipper, Dan, was fantastic. The weather was, as predicted, almost flawless and the little cloud cover from time to time was actually welcome.
We spent very little time fishing but the first hour of the first day yielded a few good sized Dorado and the first few early morning hours of the last day I caught a whopping great sail fish (pics attached) which of course rounded up the charter perfectly. The staff at the Base were all a pleasure and we have no hesitation in recommending them and particularly, Dan, our skipper.
Many thanks and regards,"
Barry, Helene, James and Lesley of Cape Town - Seychelles, October 2008
Barry, Helene, James and Lesley of Cape Town - Seychelles, October 2008

"We are just back from a wonderfull week sailing in the Bay of Pigs, Cuba - yacht booked on the net through Inter Yacht Charter. We would like to state that we had a super week - everything worked out fine - the boat was in good trim, well cleaned, provisions for a week in place, and skipper Alex was fantastic. He was a super cook (even though we hadn't paid for a cook) he was a very skilled diver and harpoonist so we had fresh fish or lobsters every single day and finally he nice talking to and kind to all - adults and children. All-in-all the best part of our three week Cuba tour!"
Henrik Rossen & Family from Denmark, Sailing from Cienfuegos, Cuba - July 2008
Henrik Rossen & Family from Denmark, Sailing from Cienfuegos, Cuba - July 2008

"Thanks to Inter Yacht Charter for the very friendly support and good organization. We sailed on the Costa del Sol in Spain and it was a very pleasant experience. We didn't get the original boat we booked, but the replacement was even bigger. The marinas on the Costa del Sol are just great and the winds were strong enough to give us some excitement. And one day we could even make the experience to sail in fog with radar support. We can only recommend Inter Yacht Charter!"
Rolf, Ruedi, Felix, Graham, Jan and Jan from Switzerland - Malaga, June 2008
Rolf, Ruedi, Felix, Graham, Jan and Jan from Switzerland - Malaga, June 2008

"It was fantastic sailing such a beautiful yacht with real enthusiasts, who were at the same time relaxed and relaxing and consummate hosts. Don't miss Ilha Grande and the schooner Dalia!"
Rory & Joana Campbell, Honeymoon, Angra dos Reis - May 2008
Rory & Joana Campbell, Honeymoon, Angra dos Reis - May 2008

"A wonderful ten days holiday in Seychelles, despite the first three days' bad weather. Great fish (see the picture) caught by our skipper and superbly cooked by our 5 stars efficient chef. The communication with our Creole-English speaking Captain -often more Creole than English- was not always easy. Snorkelling with reef sharks and turtles (one tried to bite Maria!) in incredibily warm waters. Unfortunately in some places most of the corals are bleached."
Sergio, Maria, Osvaldo, Lorenza and Angela from Italia - Seychelles - April/May 2008
Sergio, Maria, Osvaldo, Lorenza and Angela from Italia - Seychelles - April/May 2008

"We are back from our Caribbean trip. We cross true the Caribbean sea to the islands Montserrat, Nevis, St Kitts, St Marten, St. Berthelemy, Barbuda, Antigua and back to the Guadeloupe - approximately 450 sm. Thank you for all. Everything was perfect. The boat was in super condition and the “crew” in marina base was very friendly and professional. I'm enjoying the next trip in 2009. Sincerely Arpad."
Arpad Krascenic, Milos Ceconik & Friends, Guadeloupe, Caribbean - April 2008
Arpad Krascenic, Milos Ceconik & Friends, Guadeloupe, Caribbean - April 2008

"the skipper Josef was an easy going guy and he let me drive most of the day, except when we had some strong side winds in Sotogrande when we were pulling away. The boat was well stocked with drinks and nibbles. Weather was great. A good day – enjoyed by all."
Tim Chaney, Puerto Banus, Marbella - March 2008
Tim Chaney, Puerto Banus, Marbella - March 2008

"Must I add that the charter in los roques was amazing!!! Everything was perfect. The boat stunning as much as the place. Thanks again for everything. An amazing holiday!!"
Emiliano Ragnini & Friends, Caribbean - December/January 2008
Emiliano Ragnini & Friends, Caribbean - December/January 2008

"If we were to pen the highlights (panoramic views, turquoise seas, golden sandy beaches, fresh lobster and rum punch’s, freezing cold/wet and gloomy days [back in the UK that is, not in the sun drenched Caribbean], views coming about islands …….. ), it would be a very long message, so I’m going to keep it brief.
Everything was absolutely fantastic. The Catamaran was perfect for us in every way. Our Captain was superb and added immensely to the experience. The itinerary was spot on as were all the logistics leading up to the charter. As ‘first timers’ we could have got this very wrong but with your help and support we got it very right, making it the best ever holiday experience - our future challenge will be trying to emulate ‘Caribbean Winter Charter 2007’. Thank you very much indeed. Photo is on the way."
Dave Arthur & Simon Lavin, Caribbean - Winter 2007
Dave Arthur & Simon Lavin, Caribbean - Winter 2007

"Many thanks to Inter Yacht Charter, for organizing my excellent family sailing holiday in Costa Smeralda/Sardinia. Boat selection and agreement was pretty easy and straight forward. All my questions were answered very promptly, all agreements adhered to. Boat itself was by-the-book prepared:
i.e. in excellent condition, on time, cleaned, fuelled, sails not too worn out with outboard as a very nice extra.
Check in and check out procedures went also without any issues. Generally, customer service of the local charter company was above what I usually experienced over my 12 years chartering history.
For example, we experienced a technical problem during the morning of our last day (broken engine Bowden cable). The problem was promptly resolved (more then 2 hour job) so we could still enjoy our last afternoon sailing. And finally, Costa Smeralda is simply a sailors heaven! It should not be underestimated though! It may blow quite hard there.
I have already and will also in the future recommend Inter Yacht Charter to my friends."
Best regards, Tibor Jochmann, Belgium - June/July 2007
Best regards, Tibor Jochmann, Belgium - June/July 2007

"Many thanks for your help with our charter on the Costa Del Sol, on arrival in Sotogrande the owner of the charter company was more than helpful , we are a group of eight and we have been chartering together for nine years and in our experience this company has exceeded all our expectations from their courteous manner, to taking us to three local shops in his car for provisions.
The Benetau 47 was everything we expected and the one way charter was really helpful. We had excellent winds and the weather was kind to us. The charter company is expecting a volvo racing yacht in August and we are planning on returning next year and using it to travel to Morocco and we will definitely be contacting you again."
Again many thanks, yours Martyn, Costa del Sol - May 2007
Again many thanks, yours Martyn, Costa del Sol - May 2007

"I could not just pick one photo....way too hard. Our time in February 2007 with Inter Yacht Charter was very good. Everything was straight forward and there were no last minute surprizes. The produce we ordered was superior in quality and quantity to the other 3 Caribeen based charter companies we have sailed with in the past. Communication with the French speaking captain was a bit of a challenge for our English speaking crew....but between what we both knew in language, all worked out well.

We were very prepared up front, by Jeremy so that there were no surprizes and the paperwork was already understood before we reviewed it. The communication throughout the initial agreement process was quick and clear. Our originally chartered 2007 vessel was not available (due to a manufacturer's delay), so we were offered an upgrade as per the contract. The only thing that I would recommend is to stay in one Country. We had to spend far too much time clearing in and out of customs for one weeks vacation."
Linda Koykka & Family, US - Caribbean, February 2007
Linda Koykka & Family, US - Caribbean, February 2007

"Our Bavaria 46 was not ready on 01.11 but, Jeremy assistance when needed was superb, we get Bavaria 50 for the same prize. Shortly, all eight of us sailing around Canary islands for a wonderful eight days instead of week.
I extend our warmest thanks for everything you did to make our vacation so terrifically enjoyable. The office staff was friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The boat, was clean and very well maintained. I recommend, Inter Yacht Charter very highly.
P.S. I have chartered with a lot of companies and your customer service was by far the best I have encountered. You must enjoy your work and it show, Jeremy ,thank you again."
Krzysztof Lichwala - Canaries, November, 2006
Krzysztof Lichwala, www.yachting.pl - Canaries, November, 2006

"We had a fantastic time and everything worked perfect. The service and the support we had was very good. We sailed along the south side of the island and spent about half time on anchorage. If we are coming back I would like to go longer distances, like Ibiza, but for now this was perfect. I will mail to you a photo, or two, from our vacation.
I do have a complaint, however. It turned out that one of the water tanks was not filled up when we arrived, so we ran out of water. This was easily fixed by going into the nearest harbor, but they had no fresh water, so we had to fill up with "mixed water" (don't know the English word) - so we felt more salty then we wanted to, for a couple of days."
A Frestad & Family, Sweden - Mallorca, August 2006
A Frestad & Family, Sweden - Mallorca, August 2006

"Thanks so much for a fabulous charter. Everything was perfectly planned and it was good to feel so safe in the hands of such a great skipper. The four of us enjoyed ourselves immensely and wished it could have been longer. Swimming in deep water was just fabulous. And you have ignited a passion for sailing in at least one of our group.
We wanted to take a trip that we would all remember - IYC created a memory that we will always treasure."
The Maple Girls, Marbella - July 2006
The Maple Girls, Marbella - July 2006

"This charter was very much a last minute affair and we are grateful for the way you rose to the challenge and arranged things in the few days available. The boat was in good condition and hand over team on the pontoon were friendly and very helpful. We enjoyed the sailing in the Canaries and realize now that Europe does have an all year round cruising ground with a warm sunny climate and interesting destinations which appears to be largely ignored at this time of year. Perhaps yachtsmen are put off by its reputation for rowdy mass tourism and see it merely as a stepping stone to the Atlantic crossing, particularly the ARC, and do not realise what a lovely coastline and pleasant interesting sailing there is to be had there."
Robert Davies, UK - March 2006
Robert Davies, UK - March 2006

"The Trip with Joey was great experience! In every place we went we were the only (sailing-) boat. We went to lonely islands with white sand beaches and to some very nice and luxury resorts. We talked and laughed a lot in the evening while drinking a lot of beer and tanduay. We were swimming around the boat in the nighttime and are snorkeling and diving in the day time. Joey brought us save to every place we want to go and it was sometimes really hard. Up to 40 knots wind and 5 meter waves were no problem for him. when we went back to boracay he sailed 30 hours without a brake!!!
Please send him our best greets and we hope to sail with him again next time!!!"
Alexandra and Andreas, Germany - February 2006
Alexandra and Andreas, Germany - February 2006

"Thank you so much Jeremy, we had a wonderfull sailing holiday, everything was in order, like check in/out, delivery from Martinique to St Lucia. I have a charter company and we could not find any missing ingredients for a perfect vacation. I definetely know that the next year we will book our winter holiday with Inter Yacht Charter."
M Ozal, Turkey - January 2006
M Ozal, Turkey - January 2006

"Jeremy and IYC took care of everything for my Brothers Stag Weekend. The 2 Yachts where immaculate and the skippers where fantastic, I could not have asked for more. 8 out of the 11 of our party had never sailed before and left with huge smiles after an effortless and at times breathless weekend of sailing"
Chris Averill, CAD User Centred Design Experts - 2005
Chris Averill, We are London - 2005

"We are back in Los Angeles now after having a wonderful vacation in Mallorca. We enjoyed competing and sailing the Yacht and felt that the boat and the arrangements more than met our expectations. The last evening we had a wonderful dinner with the Owner and his Wife and discussed the entire regatta. What a wonderful experience!"
Michael Shlens, Los Angeles, US - August 2005
Michael Shlens, Los Angeles, US - August 2005

"We all had a fantastic time. The charter company were on the ball, and apart from the minor misunderstanding which you sorted out, we had no hassles at all. The skipper was awesome. Not only did he know his way around the waters, taking us to some wonderful spots to swim and chill out, but he also knew some of the best restaurants in the ports we stopped at. We can honestly say that we would not be able to recommend one change, it really was as close to a perfect holiday as we could get. I would certainly be recommending it to all who will listen. Thanks for all the effort you put into organizing the week."
B Murray, Verisign - Corfu, July 2005
B Murray, Verisign - Corfu, July 2005

"Both Frank and I had a great time sailing. Thank you and we will get together again, I'm sure. Luke wants to be a skipper when he grows up and Leah never takes the shell necklace off. "
Salvaggio Family, NZ - September 2004
Salvaggio Family, NZ - September 2004

"I first contacted IYC in 2003. My wife & I wanted a Charter in Mallorca at very short notice. We were so impressed with the complete service that we have booked a Corporate Charter for the Company this winter."
J.M. Braide, London - August 2004
J.M. Braide, London - August 2004

"There is a rare quality about Inter Yacht Charter. Their Impulsive Vitality, makes every Charter totally individual and yet seemingly inevitable."
R & S Clarke-Cox, AON, UK - June 2004
R & S Clarke-Cox, AON, UK - June 2004

"We were looking for an Exotic Island, where the weather was beautiful and we could celebrate our Honeymoon in November. The Knowledge of IYC is daunting. What these guys don´t know about Charter Yachts, ain´t worth knowing"
Mark Ford, IBM - 2003
Mark Ford, IBM - 2003

"Thanks Jeremy for making the preparations for a truly unforgettable Charter."
David & Kate, Oz - September 2003
David & Kate, Oz - September 2003

"Your interface with the “service” that you provide is so personal and thoughtful. The pace, the attention to detail, the stories, the drinks at the end of the sail… It felt too short. I never had chance to hear the 'Felix' story."
Charles Meo, 2003
Charles Meo, The DG Group - May 2003

"Hi Guys. Alison & I have had the time of our lives. The whole package was perfect. It was obvious right away you knew your business! I'm a prolific dreamer and with your help our dreams were turned into reality. The inspired confidence that you gave us about Bareboat Sailing has made us want to buy our first boat."
Jim & Alison, Canada -  April 2003
Jim & Alison, Canada - April 2003

"I wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for the wonderful experience that you created for the MacPherson family. The Girls are madly editing the approximate 600 pictures taken to create a lasting memory. We will send you a CD within a few weeks, and you can use them in any way you wish."
The MacPherson Family Scotland
The MacPherson Family, Scotland UK - August 2002

"I loved the spring charter and actually meeting you. I loved all of the Sails, but especially the dolphins on the third day. You will always be in my thoughts."
Catrine, Paris - July 2002
Catrine, Paris - July 2002