The Galapagos Islands are directly on the equator, about 1,000 kilometres west of mainland Ecuador, with a total land mass of 7,882 square kilometres, including 13 major islands and dozens of smaller islands spread over 50,000 square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike Cocos Island (North of Galapagos), which is accessible only by a 38 hour boat ride, the Galapagos Islands are only an hour and a half away from the coast by air.

The main attraction is the wildlife, where due to the isolation from the mainland and preponderance of reptile, bird and marine species, with few predators, new species have evolved on different islands. The observation of this fact played a large part in Charles Darwin's formulation of his theory of evolution expressed in his 'Origin of Species', after a visit in 1835. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the islands is the lack of fear shown by the wildlife.

Today most of the islands are a National Park, and visitor numbers are controlled. Access is limited to marked paths and all groups must be accompanied by a trained guide. All this however, is positive, and will have no impact on your enjoyment of the richness of the natural history: its future preservation depends on the financial contribution made by the 40-50,000 annual visitors.

The Galapagos are as spectacular below the water as it is above. As there are both cold currents from Antarctica and warm ones from the Pacific the marine life is particularly varied. Of the 300 fish species about 50 are endemic, and it is usual to spot many eagle rays, barracudas, bonitos, scalloped hammerhead sharks, open water jacks and many tropical species. Because of the strong currents and cold water diving should only be attempted by experienced divers and for this reason we recommend only specific dive cruises, where yachts are fully equipped with tanks and necessary apparatus. These cruises usually offer diving twice a day, occasional land visits (such as Wolf and Darwin) with only dive sites.

The US dollar is the currency of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and they request that you take clean dollars bills with you, particularly a stack of one dollar bills, which comes in handy for tips, taxis and other small expenses. We suggest you take either cash or traveler's cheque's with you for payments in Ecuador as there is a universal 10% service charge on any credit card payments.

Red Billed Tropic Bird, Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab White Sands of the Galapagos The Galapagos Penguin Marine Iguana Galapagos Brown Pelican Bird of Prey Galapagos Marine Iguana Pink Flamingoes, Floreana Island The Galapagos Islands The Galapagos Islands The Beautiful Yellow Warbler Giant Turtle Dolphins of the Galapagos Albatross Shore Expeditions Waved Albatross, Galapagos Seals taking a Siesta The Whale Shark World Class Diving Darwin's Arch The Galapagos Islands Brown Pelican World Class Diving Giant Tortoise Bartolome Island, Galapagos Bartolome Island, Galapagos Blue Footed Boobies performing a Mating Dance Sea Lions of the Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galapagos Islands

Charter Yachts of the Galapagos

We have a full fleet of Sailing Yacht, Multi-hulls and Motor Yachts to Charter from one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet. Yachts suitable for families, luxury, escape or Dive enthusiasts. Click on a link below for more details about each individual yacht.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Seaman Journey Mega Power Cat 91ft LOA $ 57,990 1,892
M/Y Stella Maris 38 Meter LOA $ 149,000 149,000
M/Y Ocean Spray 34 Meter LOA $ 99,900 3,080
M/Y Galapagos Voyager 28 Meter LOA $ 121,600 30,200
Isabella II 166ft loa $ 215,000 114,600
Galapagos Sea Star 42 Meter LOA 120,790 3,569
Galapagos Odyssey 41 Meter LOA $ 10,600 3,220
Galapagos Legend Cruise Ship 300ft LOA $ 418,350 2,020
Galapagos Grand Odyssey 42 Meter LOA $ 14,260 4,040
Expedition Yacht Sauvage 60ft LOA $ 17,900 6,900
Evolution 58.5 Meter LOA $ 176,000 5,890
Eden Motor Yacht 89ft LOA $ 2,990 1,460
Eclipse Cruise Ship 210ft LOA $ 8,750 7,460
Coral II Motor Yacht 108ft LOA $ 116,690 38,550
Beluga Motor Yacht 110ft LOA $ 122,290 40,500

Galapagos Base Map

Base Name: Galapagos

Port Name: Galapagos