Auckland New Zealand lies 37 degrees south and 175 degrees east of Greenwich. Famous for the feared All Blacks, delicious Kiwi Fruit and succulent Lamb. New Zealand is a very versatile Country, you can visit Rainforests, Fiords, Glaciers and beautiful beaches on the North and South Island.

The Islands were originally inhabited by the Maori's approx. 1000 years ago after a huge voyage from Polynesia. They originally named the Island "Land of the long White Cloud". The Europeans arrived in the 16th Century followed by Captain James Cook who drew maps of the Island after claiming it for the British Empire in 1769.

North Island is Sub Tropical and Summer occurs between December, January and February. The South Island is more temperate and average temperatures are 20-24 C in Summer.

New Zealand has a lot of natural attractions and is a nature lovers paradise. Giant Kauri Trees, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Marine Parks, abundant fauna and vegetation, immense landscapes and spectacular beaches compose about 1/3rd of the Islands conserved Natural Parks.

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Charter Yachts of New Zealand

You can Charter Splendid Yachts from a truly remarkable Cruising Ground. The 102 ft Sailing Yacht Pacific Eagle is an excellent choice for Sailing and Diving enthusiasts. Alternatively the Motor Yacht Escapade is an ideal choice for families of Groups of 6, for exploring the North and South Islands.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sports Fisher 40 40 ft LOA NZ$ 16,000 12,400
Pacific Eagle 102ft LOA NZ$ 45,000 45,000
Oceanis 54 54ft LOA NZ$ 11,900 11,900
Oceanis 40 40ft LOA NZ$ 7,400 5,200
Escapade Motor Yacht 75ft LOA $ 27,000 27,000

New Zealand Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Auckland

Port Name: Auckland