The Inside Passage, BC

The coast of South East Alaska and Northern British Columbia breathe majesty. For those with a sense of adventure this pristine wilderness of fjords, islands, rivers and glaciers will leave a lasting impression. Rising almost vertically from creamy azure waters of sheltered fjords, the towering snow-capped mountains put human existence into a new perspective & insignificance. Unpolluted, nutrient rich waters support a phenomenal variety of sea life, birds and marine mammals. Seals, sea lions, playful dolphins and sea otters abound, as do Grey whales, Orcas and mighty Humpback whales, fresh from their long journey from Hawaii.

Traveling the sheer-sided glacial fjords, we will see the powerful forces of nature at work as we intimately experience the huge tidewater glaciers of Alaska. Picking our way past giant icebergs in unimaginable shades of blue, then through floating pack ice, we make our way to the face of the glacier itself. All around we hear the thunderous cracks as building sized chunks of ice cave into the deep milky water. Unperturbed, seals and their pups snooze on the floating ice.

Trips to powerful ancient village sites of the Tlingit and the stunning Kaigani Haida poles help us to appreciate the rich native history of the region. Natural hot springs, meadows overlaid with a rainbow of spectacular wildflowers, waterfalls, lakes and sensational fishing are all part of this unforgettable experience. On shore, grizzly and black bears are often sighted feeding in the inter-tidal areas or in salmon-thick creeks.

For those who want simply to relax and enjoy the experience and scenery it is an opportunity to do just that but for those with sailing experience or who want to be involved, there is every opportunity for this to be a hands on sailing holiday.

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Charter Yachts of the Inside Passage

Various Crewed Sailing and Motor Yachts from this Pacific Wilderness.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Expedition Yacht Sauvage 60ft LOA $ 17,900 6,900

Inside Passage Base Map

Base Name: Inside Passage

Port Name: Prince Rupert