Corporate Yacht Charter

Inter Yacht Charter specializes in developing corporate events of all types ranging from pure entertainment for that valued client, right through to organized team building events that bond colleagues into high performing teams.

Our corporate entertainment events can be as flexible as you like so that you can truly share the experience of being at sea with your valued customer. We also find that being afloat is a great way of breaking the shackles of the boardroom, so that new ideas can be discussed and conversations had, that would not take place under usual circumstances.

You can get together in endless meetings, but to get that one idea sometimes you need more. Sometimes you need to step 'outside', slip on a pair of shorts, head offshore with a Cold Beer, to get to the point where you can generate solutions.

That is exactly our field of expertise. Giving people with different backgrounds and different interests, an experience of a lifetime with family, friends or colleagues. That is the main goal of IYC.

Our tools ? Splendid nature, enthusiasm about our sport, adventurous sailing activities and a huge fleet of yachts in over 60 locations worldwide. We are confident that whatever you are looking for, we will organize your event so that it is truly unforgettable.

Why should we consider Chartering a Yacht?
What are the benefits of Team Building?
How big is your Team?
International Yacht Racing & Regattas?
Why should you offer Corporate Incentives & Rewards?
Corporate Problem-solving?
Experiential learning?

Q: Why should we consider Chartering a Yacht?

A Yacht is renowned as being one of the most effective vehicles for team building and management development. For the yacht to be sailed well, the crew must work as a team, they must communicate, manage effectively, motivate, interact, delegate and accept responsibility. All these skills are also essential to your performance in business.

Corporate Events

Inter Yacht Charter specializes in developing corporate and team building events to suit your objectives and needs. Team building and combined activity days are now classed as an essential part of keeping staff motivated whilst ensuring that all of your group communicate effectively with each other.

The parallels between sailing and business are well recognized. The yachts provide an environment away from office pressures that is new and non-threatening, yet exciting and dynamic. Lessons are learnt quickly and theory is put into practice.

Q: What are the Benefits of Team Building?

Our skippers, by nature, are superb team leaders and know just what makes a team tick. They have put together a series of challenges that are carried out on the water and have the sole purpose of helping your group function as an effective team. The challenges can be carried out by a single group or by a number of yachts when the added factor of competition could greatly enhance the team’s performance. Please contact us for details of the program's available.

The need to excel in all areas of business extends through to corporate events. With more types of hospitality to choose from, the pressure is on to entertain your guests with something that is effective, memorable and unusual. Sailing on the IYC fleet offers just that:
A perfect way to invigorate and reward your guests, whilst at the same time providing you with a captive audience.
The opportunity to share a new experience with your guests, memories of which will last long after they leave the yacht.
The chance to sail on a unique fleet of yachts from all over the world.

An exhilarating day that can be enjoyed by those with no previous experience of sailing. The events do not require any particular level of fitness and can be enjoyed by all ages, male and female.

Q: How big is your team?

Between realizing that a team can be more that the sum of its individual members and actually forming a strong team, there is a world of difference.

We at IYC have more faith in experience than in knowledge. Teambuilding at IYC means tasting joint success and thus breathing life into your future projects.

Q: International Racing & Regattas?

Inter Yacht Charter is proud to offer a 2005 Racing Program in the Mediterranean. Please view the
following links:
Yacht Regatta & Racing
Mediterranean Yacht Racing

Q: Why should you offer Corporate Incentives & Rewards?

Your employees are your most valuable assets. In today's business world, it's more important than ever to let them know how important they are to you. Recognize your employees for their length of service, quality of service, outstanding achievement, innovation, time and/or money saving ideas, and health and safety measures with a corporate incentive program. Private luxury yacht vacations remain etched in everyone's mind for many years to come.

Now we challenge you to be different and to commit to a one week to 10 day private business charter on board your own private vessel for your next business incentive event. A private luxury yacht remains etched in everyone's mind for many years to come. Employees need, value, motivation and recognition. All these points get a pat on the back when their CEO's have a strong incentive program in place. Is it possible to effectively manage your top executives to strive for greater goals? We all consider new methods to drive sales higher. Here is a wonderful way to motivate your top executives aboard a luxury charter yacht. Our business and corporate programs are possibly the worlds most sought after private events.

These personal business Incentive programs carry a much higher value for your company than you realize. They are good for both the short and long term, they increase company sales, they reward loyal customers and motivate your own employees. These private Business and Corporate events are tax free when linked to board meetings. Rewarding growth and managing performance with business Incentive events.

Q: Corporate Problem-solving?

Problems encountered at work need to be discussed and solved in a structured and organized way. Team building helps achieve this, whether you just want to unwind and relax after a strenuous conference or want to include some activities which will stretch the minds of the participants we are happy to arrange it. All of our corporate events are tailored to your specific needs and individual requirements.

Q: Experiential Learning?

"Experiential learning" is the new buzz word amongst the professional training community. This is about getting out of comfort zones and sharing experiences with colleagues, which impact in a positive and lasting way upon the performance of a group or team.

Sailing is the ultimate “experiential learning” event. Whether you are at the helm for the first time, burning up your muscles winching in a sail or hoisted to the top of the mast, we find that people challenge and overcome their fears. Throw in the competitive element of a match race and the adrenalin will really start
to fly !!