Nieuwpoort, the Belgian town of West Flanders is located on the Channel coast between Dunkirk and Ostend. The Town has a long tradition, defending itself from Spanish Pirates and more recently, during the First & Second World Wars against the Germans. The Belgians put in place a successful last-ditch effort to resist the German advance, opening the floodgates of the channels to flood across the plain between the river Yser and the North Sea during WWI. They were then occupied by the Germans for more than 4 years during WWII.

After the war, the port and maritime structures were rebuilt. Nieuwpoort followed the cultural events and architectural treasures of nearby Bruges and Ostend. It has historically been the port city on the sea and the Fishing Industry is one of the largest in the North Sea region. The lighthouse Vierboete, originally dated 1284, seems to be the first lighthouse ever built in Europe.

Nieuwpoort today is a vibrant city, popular for the wide, long sandy beach, modern port facilities, water sports, large gardens, farms dedicated to children, beautiful maritime walks and waterways and excellent cuisine. Locally caught seafood enhances the freshness of truly sensational dishes. Nieuwpoort also has one of the largest recreational marina's in Northern Europe with over 2000 berths divided between the basins of Vlotkom, Noorderhaven and Novus Portus.

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Nieuwpoort Yacht Charter

A fine selection of Mono Hulls from this popular Sailing location. Sail the English Channel, visit the UK, France or Holland. Yachts from 32 to 53 ft long from Jeanneau & Beneteau.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 509 51ft LOA 4,730 3,550
Sun Odyssey 449 46 ft LOA 3,620 2,690
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 3,500 2,610
Sun Odyssey 389 39 ft LOA 2,470 1,830
Sun Odyssey 380 38ft LOA 3,230 2,460
Sun Odyssey 379 37ft LOA 2,360 1,680
Sun Odyssey 349 35 ft LOA 1,930 1,540

Nieuwpoort Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Nieuwpoort

Port Name: Nieuwpoort