Slovenia is centrally located between Italy and Croatia in the North Adriatic Sea. The Coastline includes the Istrian Peninsula, from Koper to Portoroz. Slovenia has one of the largest biodiversities in the world. The country is rich in water, and is the third most forested country in Europe. Slovenia is full of environmental protection. The Brown Bear has a very large population. More than one third of the land is protected and there are over ten thousand kilometers of trails for Hiker's and outdoor enthusiasts.

Slovenia is rich in Art, Culture and History. There are dozens of Castles, Museums, Galleries. The country has an excellent climate with Mild Winters and warm but not humid summers. An excellent climate for the abundant Olive Trees and Grape Vines.

The Adriatic panorama is extraordinary, offering gastronomic delights at every marina. Portoroz is a lively seaside resort at the centre of a beautiful natural bay. Piran was born in the nineteenth century as a spa centre for treatment of skin diseases and rheumatism due to water and salt marshes that stretch from Sečovlje. Izola lies a few kilometers North East of Piran.

Lastly, Koper welcomes you with the elegant atmosphere of Venetian architecture. A legacy of the rule of the former Venetian Republic that made Koper the political and administrative capital city of Istria. The cultural importance became so great that the city was called the Athens of Istria. A stroll through its streets, monuments, buildings and squares never fails to impress.

There are four major Maritime Ports: Portorož, Piran, Izola and Koper offering excellent services for yachtsmen and boaters with safe moorings for all types of yachts. Here the distances are short: Portoroz is only 2km from Piran, 12km from Koper and 25km from Trieste.

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Yacht Charter Slovenia

A Wide Selection of Yachts from Portoroz and Izola

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 45 45ft LOA 3,960 1,840
Sun Odyssey 42i 42ft LOA 3,250 1,730
Oceanis 38.1 38 ft LOA 2,990 1,560
Harmony 47 47ft LOA 3,900 2,260
Elan 50 Impression 50ft LOA 5,600 3,180
Elan 45 Impression 45 ft LOA 4,300 2,360
Elan 444 Impression 44ft LOA 4,100 2,200
Elan 434 Impression 43ft LOA 3,600 2,030
Elan 40 Impression 40 ft LOA 3,300 1,680
Elan 394 Impression 39ft LOA 2,850 1,470
Elan 384 Impression 37ft LOA 2,600 1,280
Elan 354 Impression 35 ft LOA 2,560 1,260
Dufour 45 45ft LOA 3,950 2,450
Dufour 44 44ft LOA 3,310 1,680
Dufour 410 40 ft LOA 3,320 1,800
Dufour 382 38 ft LOA 3,250 1,820
Dufour 350 35 ft LOA 2,500 1,260
Cyclades 50.5 50ft LOA 5,200 3,230
Bavaria 50 Cruiser 50ft LOA 4,300 2,750

Day 1

Board at Portoroz or Izola and buy some provisions and eat out at a local Restaurant.

Day 2

Sail to Umag or Rovigno

Day 3

Sail to Pula or Pomer

Day 4

Sail to Mali Losinj

Day 5

Sail to Cres

Day 6

Sail back to Pula, Pomer or Rovigno

Day 7

Sail back to Izola or Portoroz


Comfortable sailing for 1 week with 3 to 4 hrs every day

Slovenia Base Map

Base Name: Slovenia

Port Name: Portooroz