Tahiti, French Polynesia

Comprised of some of the world’s most stunning islands, French Polynesia is first-choice for romantic getaways. Of this honeymoon destination, the 118 islands within the Tahiti archipelago set the mood with lagoons and sweeping bays. Spread out over two million square miles, the islands are divided into five groups inclusive of tourist-heavy Society Islands, Austral Islands and Gambier Islands. Due to its positioning in the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago is blessed with ample fishing and tropical vegetation.

Featured in French artist Paul Gauguin’s extensive works is French Polynesia’s largest island – Tahiti. An unusual figure-8, the circular western section is coined Tahiti Nui, offset by the eastern peninsula of Tahiti Iti. An aesthetically inspiring setting, the sweet excitement of a blossoming relationship is reflected in the coast’s dark-to-light transition from thick coral reefs to white sand. Nature also granted this island two extinct volcanoes and a plethora of waterfalls to complement its stunning black-sand beaches. Plage Lafayette sparkles black, an unforgettable canvas hemmed in by turquoise waters.

With its close proximities and endless island offerings, Tahiti is the break you’ve been waiting for. Capital city Papeete charms with a laidback but luxurious harbor-front, welcoming luxury liners with sidewalk cafés, fine dining and beachside resorts. Strike further in for delicious local bites from the food trucks in Vai’ete Square, or hunt down the perfect souvenir at the authentic market of Le Marche de Papeete. Black pearls and handicrafts make up for one-of-a-kind presents to bring home. Alternatively, Moorea offers a more tranquil environment for the stressed traveler. Rural farm-scape and pineapple plantations span this area in mouthwatering display.

Rainfall is guaranteed November to March. Scuba diving is a must around Tahiti; the best season to visit is during spring and summer months as consistent weather means pleasant waters and incredible Sailing.

Bora Bora Lagoon, Tahiti Huahine Lagoon Tahiti, French Polynesia Moorea Aerial view of Bora Bora Motu Island Papeete Marina, Tahiti Opunohu Bay on the North Coast of Tahiti Tahitian Orchid Phalic Landscapes Dolphins of Tahiti The Lagoon, Huahine Images of French Polynesia The Town Hall Spectacular Waterfall Tahitian Water Lily Yellow Fin Tina The Blue Lagoon Images of Tahiti Images of Tahiti Protestant Church, Bora Bora Watercolors of Tahiti Watercolors of French Polynesia Map of the Society Islands Images of Polynesia Land, Lagoon, Sea & Sky, Tahiti Beautiful Beaches The Fish Market, Tahiti Traditional Fire Dance, Tahiti Beaches of Paradise Kind of Blue, Tahiti Beautiful Sunset, Tahiti Remote Island off Raiatea Mount Otemanu at Bora Bora Truly Perfect Way, Tahiti Raiatea & Tahaa Islands, French Polynesia

Charter Yachts of Tahiti

We are proud to offer 2 Luxury Yachts from the Paradise Islands of Tahiti and French Polynesia. Along with a Full Fleet of Bareboat & Skippered Catamarans and Mono Hulls from this incredible Charter Destination.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sunreef Power Cat Jambo 70ft LOA 30,000 4,500
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 5,385 2,200
Saba 50 50 ft LOA 14,500 11,600
S/Y Scame 72ft LOA 17,950 15,250
S/Y In the Wind 62 ft LOA $ 40,000 40,000
Oceanis 41 41ft LOA 4,850 1,980
Nautitech 44 44ft LOA 5,990 3,780
Mahé 36 36ft LOA 3,900 3,300
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 7,200 5,000
Lagoon 77 77 ft LOA 64,500 43,000
Lagoon 630 63 ft LOA 25,000 20,000
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 29,500 15,120
Lagoon 560 56 ft LOA 19,000 15,500
Lagoon 52 52ft LOA 14,500 11,600
Lagoon 500 51ft LOA 11,000 9,000
Lagoon 46 46 ft LOA 11,990 5,790
Lagoon 42 42 ft LOA 8,500 6,600
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 5,690 4,190
Lagoon 40 11.74 Meter LOA 7,000 5,000
Lagoon 380 '19 38 ft LOA 5,390 3,290
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 4,790 2,890
Ipanema 58 58 ft LOA 20,000 15,500
Helia 44 44ft LOA 9,000 7,000
Harmony 52 52ft LOA 4,995 2,135
Hanse Explorer 47.76 M LOA 125,000 125,000
Expedition Yacht Sauvage 60ft LOA $ 16,900 6,700
Dufour 520 GL 15.2 Meter LOA 8,705 3,405
Catana 55 Carbon 55 ft LOA 12,415 5,425
Catana 47 Custom 47 ft LOA 9,995 4,315
Catana 47 Carbon 47 ft LOA 10,675 4,395
Catana 42 Carbon 42 ft LOA 8,645 3,565
Catana 41 41ft LOA 7,280 3,115
Bali 5.4 54 ft LOA 20,645 9,075
Bali 4.5 45 ft LOA 13,440 5,530
Bali 4.3 43 ft LOA 12,560 5,170
Bali 4.1 Catamaran 41 ft LOA 7,290 4,590
Askari Luxury Motor 108ft LOA $ 100,000 90,000

Tahiti Base Map

Base Name: Tahiti

Port Name: Raiatea