Lefkas, Ionian

The Ionian Island of Lefkas is a hilly island lying off the Playia Peninsula in Acarnania, from which it is separated by a shallow lagoon varying in width between 600 m and 5km. It is now linked with the mainland by a causeway and a ferry. Most of the island is occupied by a range of hills rising to a height of 1158 m in Mount Stavrotas and running south-west to end at Cape Dhoukatou. It was from the Leucadian Rock of gleaming white limestone that Sappho threw herself for the love of the handsome Phaon.

Lefkas never had any permanent natural connection with the mainland. The shingle spit at the northern tip was pierced in ancient times by the Corinthians to provide a channel for shipping, much like the spit to the south of Lefkas town, which came into being in the Middle Ages as a result of the establishment of salt-pans. In Lefkas Town, the houses have an unusual structure, due to numerous earthquakes throughout the centuries. The supporting timber posts and beams and lightly built upper storeys, are designed to withstand future tremors.

Off the south-east coast of Lefkas is the beautiful unspoiled island of Meganisi, with sandy beaches and renowned sea-caves and therefore an exquisite sailing and yacht charter area. The high town of Spartakhori on the island can easily be reached and there is an enjoyable winding road which is enchanting and definitely worth a visit.

Ionian Charter Yachts

A Wide and varied Selection of Charter Yachts on offer from the Greek Island of Lefkas. From the Popular Beneteau Oceanis 311, to the Greek Designed and built Ocean Star 56,1. All Yachts available Bare boat or Skipper and hostess can be provided for a Crewed Ionian Charter.

Jeanneau 43 DS43ft LOA2,4001,260
Elan 384 Impression37ft LOA2,9001,700
Bavaria 38 Cruiser38ft LOA2,4001,500
Sunreef 62 - Anassa62ft LOA24,00022,000
Lagoon 47047ft LOA7,9106,580
Lavezzi 4040ft LOA4,7002,700
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 46ft LOA3,6002,000
Ocean Star 56,156ft LOA7,2003,240
Jeanneau 54 DS54ft LOA6,7002,950
Viola Of London 7575ft LOA9,6507,550
Bavaria 4949ft LOA4,4002,200
Bavaria 4747ft LOA3,7002,250
Bavaria 50 Cruiser50ft LOA4,0002,040
Jeanneau 49 DS49ft LOA4,1802,660
Jeanneau 4343ft LOA2,6001,700
Bavaria 42 Cruiser42ft LOA2,7001,500
Bavaria 4040 ft LOA2,7001,650
Bavaria 39 Cruiser39ft LOA2,9001,450
Beneteau Oceanis 39339ft LOA2,2001,350
Bavaria 4444ft LOA2,5001,445
Bavaria 4141ft LOA2,8001,760
Sun Odyssey 36i36ft LOA2,4001,100
Bavaria 3636ft LOA2,3751,175
Sun Odyssey 3737ft LOA2,1501,300
Bavaria 37 Cruiser37ft LOA3,2751,595
Bahia 4647ft loa6,0503,025
Lagoon 42142ft LOA6,4003,400
Nautitech 4040ft LOA4,9002,400
Athena 3838ft LOA3,6231,800
Lagoon 38038ft LOA4,2002,700
Nautitech 4747ft LOA8,6004,500
Jeanneau Prestige 4646ft LOA12,1508,010
Sun Odyssey 33i33ft LOA2,3601,000
Jeanneau 5757ft LOA11,5504,900
Jeanneau 5353ft LOA5,7303,830
Sun Odyssey 50 DS50ft LOA4,7002,400
Bavaria 51 Cruiser51ft LOA5,5002,900
Bavaria 34 Cruiser 34ft LOA2,0001,100
Oceanis 4040ft LOA2,9401,680
Nautitech 4444ft LOA7,2004,200
Lagoon 44044ft LOA7,4003,900
Jeanneau 42i42ft LOA2,8501,800
Jeanneau 4545ft LOA3,5202,240
Sun Odyssey 49i49ft LOA4,7003,000
Elan 434 Impression43ft LOA3,9001,700
Catamaran Nemo47ft LOA11,4508,000
X-5555 ft LOA9,0007,000
Sun Odyssey 40940'5 ft LOA3,2902,190
Sun Odyssey 42 DS42ft LOA3,6601,550
Sun Odyssey 44i44ft LOA4,0001,800
Sun Odyssey 3535ft LOA2,010850
Cyclades 4343ft LOA3,6251,765
Cyclades 50.550ft LOA4,7002,465
Oceanis 5050ft LOA5,4002,975
Oceanis 4343ft LOA3,5001,700
Oceanis 3737ft LOA2,5501,200
Oceanis 3434ft LOA2,2951,300
Oceanis 3131ft LOA2,045995
Oceanis 4646ft LOA4,6002,200
Lagoon 45045ft LOA9,3005,765
Bavaria 33 Cruiser33ft LOA1,9001,200
Bavaria 45 Cruiser45ft LOA4,2901,650
Elan 444 Impression44ft LOA3,9002,700
Belize 4343ft LOA4,4002,300
Lagoon 40040ft LOA6,2503,875
Hanse 35034ft 7" LOA2,4001,100
Nautitech 44144ft LOA7,3003,800
Ipharra - Sunreef 102102 ft LOA55,00055,000
Beneteau Sense 5050ft LOA6,6002,500
Oceanis 4848ft LOA6,1452,990
Oceanis 4545ft LOA5,1502,510
Oceanis 4141ft LOA3,8601,880
Dufour 42542ft LOA3,3001,900
Sun Odyssey 37937ft LOA2,7501,500
Sun Odyssey 43944ft LOA4,7501,500
Bavaria 43 Cruiser43ft LOA2,8001,500
Dufour 45545ft LOA4,0502,025
Dufour 38511,72m LOA2,4001,400
S/Y Alessandro36 M LOA45,50024,500
Sun Odyssey 39i39ft LOA2,5001,600
Sun Odyssey 50951ft LOA6,6703,250
Sun Odyssey 46946ft LOA5,3802,620
Dufour 40540ft LOA3,8001,900
Oceanis 5454ft LOA6,4753,250
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 14'46ft LOA5,1001,800
Bavaria 55 Cruiser55ft LOA6,8503,600
Bavaria 41 Cruiser '1541 ft LOA3,9201,910
Lipari 4141 ft LOA6,4612,590
Lagoon 3939 ft LOA5,5002,805
Hanse 34534 ft LOA2,8001,300
Hanse 41541 ft LOA3,8001,900
Bavaria 56 Cruiser56ft LOA8,7003,700
Galathea 6565ft LOA26,00024,000
Oceanis 3838 ft LOA2,9501,700
Lagoon 5252ft LOA15,6908,000
Oceanis 5555ft LOA8,7003,800
Lagoon 62062ft LOA25,20017,000
Gulet Efi24 Meter LOA21,00017,500
Lagoon 56056 ft LOA20,00011,000
Salina 4848ft LOA9,0006,000
Zaffiro 3434ft LOA5,0003,900
Sanya 5757ft LOA19,00014,000
Sun Odyssey 34935 ft LOA2,5001,190
Bali 4.5 Catamaran45 ft LOA9,3005,765
Orana 4444ft LOA7,0004,340
Dufour 38238 ft LOA3,5701,740
Bavaria 37 Cruiser '1537ft LOA3,5701,740
Gulet Asfiye24 Meter LOA12,2008,750
Dufour 41040 ft LOA4,2001,500
Sun Odyssey 44946 ft LOA4,7202,000
Sun Odyssey 47947 ft LOA5,8402,480
Jeanneau 5454 ft LOA8,0803,430
Dufour 46046 ft LOA4,2102,910
Bali 4.040 ft LOA6,9004,280
Sun Odyssey 38939 ft LOA2,9001,750
Gulet Mia26 Meter LOA19,25010,500
Gulet Arabella28 Meter LOA25,90018,900
Gulet Jasmin 128 Meter LOA14,00010,500
Jeanneau 6464 ft LOA£12,5005,500
Gulet Irina22 Meter LOA10,6006,600
Gulet Syrolana27 Meter LOA13,00011,000
M/S Eleftheria63ft LOA8,4007,500
M/S Ikaklis L36 Meter LOA52,50052,500
Lagoon 42142 ft LOA8,2002,900

Lefkas Base Map

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Marina Lefkas