The island of Grenada, sharing its name with the Caribbean country it belongs to, is a colonial town, peaceful paradise and enthralling sister-islands in a single package. Blending the triple charms of glowing hills, glimmering waterfront and vibrant township, Grenada easily gains monikers such as Fruit Island or Beach Island – but none as fitting as the title of Spice Island for its overwhelming nutmeg aroma.

Grenada is first a foremost a place of natural wonders. Coral-shaded waters surround the coast, which bears eight marinas as portal to the Grenadine Islands. Carriacou’s Anse La Roche beach brings you to the reefs on foot, resting at the feet of the High North Range. For more secluded beaches, Dusquene Bay, Grooms Beach and La Sagesse Beach offer tree-protected sand strips and calm waters; Lance Aux Epines Beach is another serene space home to private villas and exquisite cottages.

The wonders of aquatic fun aren’t restricted to purely swimming and sand-castle building either. Take a dive or snorkel at St. George for the scenic Underwater Sculpture Park. Over 80 pieces of art work is now being absorbed by coral growth, flourishing into new playgrounds for fish and sponges.

Grenada is also home to a steep 1900-feet and counting mountain peak – the entrance to Grand Etang Natural Park. Misty landscapes circle a lake to allow for hikes, waterfall swims, lake-side activities and more outdoor fun. Once you’ve had your fill of nature, follow your nose to Grenada’s heritage trade: nutmeg processing at a worn-down factory.

Expect mostly hot and humid weather throughout the year, with a drop in temperature from January to mid-April. This relatively cool phase is a good time for sailing plans as northeast trade winds blow in at moderate intensity. We suggest you avoid visiting from mid-summer to December as rainfall is prominent. Tropical storms and hurricanes also occur in the latter period.

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Yacht Charter Grenada

We can offer a large fleet of Yachts from the exotic Charter destination of Grenada. A Fleet of Monohulls from 39 to 50ft from Bavaria & Jeanneau along with Catamarans from 38 to 60ft from Lagoon & Fountain Pajot. Models include the popular Lagoon 450 and the Astrea 42.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Victoria 67 67 ft LOA $ 42400 39000
Sunreef 62 Moonstone 62ft LOA $ 26600 22000
Sunreef 62 - Sparrow 62 ft LOA $ 28000 24000
Sunreef 60 Power Cat 60 ft LOA $ 38500 31500
Sun Odyssey 50 DS 50ft LOA $ 4495 3160
Sun Odyssey 49i 49ft LOA 5100 3500
Sun Odyssey 44i 44ft LOA $ 4295 16
Sun Odyssey 449 46 ft LOA 6385 2875
Sun Odyssey 36i 36ft LOA 3565 1580
Saona 47 47 ft LOA 13480 4615
Salina 48 Catamaran 48ft LOA 8900 3805
Salina 48 48ft LOA 8570 4200
Privilege 615 62 ft LOA 19600 14500
Oceanis 473 47ft LOA $ 3985 2430
Oceanis 45 45ft LOA 7100 4640
Oceanis 43 43ft LOA 4600 2900
Oceanis 41 41ft LOA 4775 1855
M/Y Ziacanaia 86 ft LOA $ 39400 36000
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 8115 2660
Lipari 41 39ft LOA 6285 3000
Leopard 38 38ft LOA $ 5390 3280
Lavezzi 40 40ft LOA 5985 2580
Lagoon Seventy 7 77 ft LOA 64200 59200
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 23000 15000
Lagoon 52 52ft LOA 19840 8680
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 9985 4465
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 11030 3775
Lagoon 440 44ft LOA $ 7995 4960
Lagoon 421 42 ft LOA 8620 3860
Lagoon 42 42 ft LOA 11635 3530
Lagoon 410 41ft LOA $ 5295 3180
Lagoon 39 39 ft LOA 8215 2700
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 6900 2400
Jeanneau 64 64 ft LOA $ 27000 20000
Ipanema 58 58 ft LOA 31416 25500
Helia 44 44ft LOA 7000 4500
Harmony 52 52ft LOA 6095 2560
Harmony 38 38ft LOA 3400 1510
Hanse 470 47ft LOA $ 4980 3340
Dufour 560 56 ft LOA 9345 4020
Dufour 500 50 ft LOA 7090 3220
Dufour 455 45ft LOA 3900 2100
Dufour 425 42ft LOA 4775 1855
Dufour 405 40ft LOA 4530 2070
Cyclades 50.5 50ft LOA $ 4795 3460
Catana 47 Custom 47 ft LOA 9210 3520
Catana 47 Carbon 47 ft LOA 9450 3975
Catana 42 42 ft LOA 7940 2430
Beneteau Oceanis 373 37ft LOA $ 3295 1960
Bavaria 45 Cruiser 45ft LOA $ 4495 3170
Bavaria 42 42ft LOA $ 3495 2170
Bavaria 39 Cruiser 39ft LOA $ 3495 2180
Bali 4.5 Catamaran 45 ft LOA 14215 4250
Bali 4.3 Catamaran 43 ft LOA 10250 3650
Bali 4.1 Catamaran 41 ft LOA 9695 3410
Bali 4.0 Catamaran 40 ft LOA 8215 2700
Athena 38 38ft LOA $ 4385 2930
Astréa 42 Catamaran 41 ft LOA 9275 4065

Day 1

Board the Yacht, complete Check in and buy some Provisions. Explore Grenada.

Day 2

Sail to the beautiful Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. Anchor amongst the local fishing boats and enjoy a stroll ashore and experience one of the many rum shops. The Carriacou Yacht Club offers a friendly welcome to visitors. Complete customs and sail to Sandy Island for the Evening.

Day 3

After Breakfast take a swim at Sandy Island, a flawless piece of sand with no more than half a dozen palm trees. Watch the pelicans performing aerobatics around your boat as you eat. After breakfast, sail over to Union Island and complete check in formalities for St. Vincent at Clifton Harbour. Continue around to the West of Union Island and drop anchor at Chatham Bay for the evening.

Day 4

Sail to the delightful Salt Whistle Bay, anchor early and enjoy an afternoon at this tranquil treasure trove with swimming and beachcombing or taking a invigorating walk up the hill to view the spectacular sight of the Tobago Cays to the East.

Day 5

Enjoy a nice breakfast and take a short sail to Tobago Cays and one of the highlights of your trip. Snorkel the reef, swimming with turtles and explore by dinghy, or just stay on board and marvel at the natural beauty of the Tobago Cays.

Day 6

After Breakfast, sail back to Clifton for check out, then head for the west side of stunning Petit St Vincent for an evening snorkel and dinner aboard or on the beach.

Day 7

Sail southbound to the wonderful Prickly Bay, Grenada for the last night and enjoy the extended happy hour at Prickly Bay marina before dinner back aboard your boat or one of the Restaurants ashore.

Day 8

Early breakfast then Sail around Salines Point at the Southern tip of the island in preparation for your arrival back at the Marina. Check-out from the boat and enjoy a few hours on Grand Anse beach, or shop in St Georges at the markets before heading to the airport - which is a 15 minute Transfer.


An average of 3 hrs per day, some days longer

Grenada Yacht Charter

Base Name: St Georges

Port Name: St Georges