With its accurate reputation of being one of the Mediterranean's most chic cities, Cannes will enlighten you, on how "the other half live". Hosts of the World Famous Film Festival, Cannes glistens on the coast of France amid cool, azure seas and sumptuous menus to tempt the locals, the visitors and even the celebrities.

The Boulevard de la Croisette is an enchanting avenue ideal for a peek into the lives of those lucky enough to live in Cannes. Wander down the Boulevard taking in such sights as the palms and gardens of the Belle Epoque buildings. Cannes has a rich history, for a glimpse of what remains, a trip to the old town area of Le Suquet contains the remnants of the city wall, the 17th century church Notre Dame de l'Esperance, a little museum housed in the castle protects an 11th century watch tower.

The film industry and all other manner of business representing Cannes main source of income are an ever-multiplying calendar of festivals, conferences, tournaments and trade shows. Cannes is more than its film festival, a contrast reinforced by the sublime Îles de Lérins, a short boat ride offshore and one of the best reasons for coming here.

The old town, known as Le Suquet after the hill on which it stands, provides a great panorama of the twelve-kilometre beach, and has, on its summit, the remains of the fortified priory lived in by Cannes' eleventh-century monks and the beautiful twelfth-century chapel St-Anne. These house the Musée de la Castre, which has an extraordinary collection of musical instruments from all over the world, along with pictures and prints of old Cannes and an ethnology and archeology section.

Strolling on and off the main streets of Cannes – rue d'Antibes, rue Meynardier and the promenade de la Croisette – is like wading through a hundred current issues of Vogue. Now you can see where they bought the sunglasses and swimming suits, the moisturizers and creams, Cartier Watch and the Expensive Perfume.

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Cannes Charter Yachts

We have a selection of the Mediterranean's Premier Yachts available for Charter. Sophisticated Motor Yacht, Sailing Boats, Classic Yachts and Mega Yachts with extensive Facilities for Corporate Entertainment of up to 100 Guests.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Wayward Classic Yacht 65ft LOA 12,560 1,800
Victoria 67 67 ft LOA 36,500 29,500
Sunreef 70 Muse 70 ft LOA 35,000 22,000
Sunreef 62 Sparrow 62 ft LOA 25,000 22,000
Sunreef 62 Soon Come 62 ft LOA 25,000 22,000
Secret Life 45 Meter LOA 99,000 89,000
Seazen II 70ft LOA 32,000 25,000
Sanya 57 57ft LOA 21,000 13,100
S/Y Southern Cross 33.4 Meter LOA 34,000 5,200
S/Y Noheea 82 ft LOA 25,000 14,000
S/Y Attimo 31.5 M LOA 42,000 36,000
Power Catamaran Damrak II 70 ft LOA 43,000 39,000
Power Cat Mas 70ft LOA 39,000 39,000
Oceanis 43 43ft LOA 4,600 2,020
Nautitech 442 44ft LOA 6,550 5,420
M/Y Indulgence of Pool 26 Meter LOA 36,000 5,000
Lagoon Seventy 7 77 ft LOA 49,000 42,000
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 26,000 26,000
Lagoon 560 56 ft LOA 21,200 16,000
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 8,400 6,300
Costa Magna 143ft LOA 99,000 20,000
Bordeaux 60 The Rock 60 ft LOA 16,000 13,000
Bordeaux 60 Paikea 60 ft LOA 17,000 13,000
Bluebay Catamaran 94 ft LOA 47,000 47,000
Bavaria 37 Cruiser '15 37ft LOA 3,420 1,720
Ava Luxury Motor Yacht 132ft LOA 89,650 77,650

Cannes Base Map

Base Name: Cannes

Port Name: Cannes