A city with so much to offer: art, museums, modernism, Romanesque & Gothic architecture, concerts, beaches and leisure activities. Discover the life and soul of the capital of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona has undergone a seismic change that led to the hosting of the Olympic Games in 1992, an event which completely transformed Barcelona. As well as a string of purpose built sporting developments springing up all over the city - with the epicentre on the slopes of Montjuic - Barcelona benefited from major investments that saw the face of the city dramatically change.

Barcelona has become something of a Mecca for the world's top architects who have flocked here to conjure up an array of modern structures and avant-garde designs. Many have drawn their inspiration from the seminal work of Barcelona's most famous son, the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, whose unique style can still be savoured around the city in a number of key buildings. His masterpiece is the unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral, but his work even can be seen in the lampposts and fountains of Plaza Reial.

Fortunately the rush of new construction has not completely dwarfed the older buildings as the old and new architectural styles harmoniously combine. Barcelona is the kind of city where an avant-garde glass and steel modern office block can rest happily within striking distance of a gothic cathedral, a city where the old port has been rejuvenated without losing any of its charm.

A visit to La Boqueria market (officially Mercat de Sant Josep) off Rambla Sant Josep is an unmissable experience. The market is opened Monday to Saturday 0900-2100 for the sale of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and dairy products. La Ruta del Modernismo links 50 Key Art Nouveau buildings in the city including La Sagrada Familia and sites not usually open to the general public.

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Barcelona Yacht Charter

We have a fleet of Sailing Yachts to Charter from 30-50ft. Available bare boat or crewed. You can discover the Costa Brava or sail out to a varied selection of Mediterranean Islands, such as Corsica, Sardinia, Mallorca Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and it is possible to visit Isla Cabrera by special request etc.. You can also Charter the Bavaria 35 Sport Motor Yacht or Charter the Motor Vessel Sandvig, which is Ideal for Corporate Events and Entertainment.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Victoria 67 67 ft LOA 34,500 28,000
SY Miaplacidus 67 ft LOA 12,000 8,950
Sun Odyssey 54 DS 54ft LOA 4,900 2,900
Sun Odyssey 519 52 ft LOA 7,117 3,188
Sun Odyssey 509 51ft LOA 6,900 2,860
Sun Odyssey 49i 49ft LOA 3,995 2,290
Sun Odyssey 419 41 ft LOA 4,063 1,898
Sun Odyssey 39i 39ft LOA 3,060 1,630
Sun Odyssey 389 39 ft LOA 3,477 1,625
Sun Odyssey 36i 36ft LOA 2,900 1,000
S/Y Southern Cross 33.4 Meter LOA 34,000 5,200
S/Y Noheea 82 ft LOA 23,000 12,000
Oceanis 45 45ft LOA 5,350 2,650
Oceanis 43 43ft LOA 3,600 2,100
Oceanis 41.1 41 ft LOA 4,400 2,056
Oceanis 40 40ft LOA 3,350 1,850
Oceanis 38.1 38 ft LOA 3,900 1,900
Oceanis 38 38 ft LOA 3,600 1,700
Oceanis 35.1 35 ft LOA 2,800 1,500
Oceanis 323 32ft LOA 2,000 1,120
MY Teba 81 ft LOA 15,000 850
M/Y Grace Kelly 33 Meter LOA 47,000 45,000
M/V Sandvig 35 M LOA 26,000 3,100
Lagoon 470 47ft LOA 6,900 3,860
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 9,150 3,920
Lagoon 440 44ft LOA 5,900 2,900
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 5,990 2,990
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 4,500 2,450
Elan 434 Impression 43ft LOA 3,500 1,990
Dufour 410 40 ft LOA 3,595 1,670
Cyclades 393 39ft LOA 3,060 1,720
Bavaria 47 Cruiser 47ft LOA 4,300 2,360
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 46ft LOA 4,410 2,170
Bavaria 37 Cruiser 37ft LOA 2,400 1,350
Bavaria 36 36ft LOA 2,100 1,300
Azimut 46 46ft LOA 9,800 1,420

Barcelona Base Map

Base Name: Barcelona

Port Name: Barcelona