Belize is a little country in Central America, lying to the West of the Caribbean Sea. It is laced with Mayan Ruins, Lost Cities, Pyramids and Ancient Civilizations from 1500 BC. Belize also has the 2nd longest and largest Barrier Reef in the World with over 1,000 offshore Islands to explore.

Modern day Belize has a young population of Creole, Mayan, Gaifuna, Spanish, East Indian, Chinese, European and North American has created a Tropical infusion of Britain's last colony on the American Mainland.

Formerly known as British Honduras until 1973 and a constitutional monarchy which recognise Queen Elizabeth II as Sovereign. Bordered by Mexico to the North and Guatemala to the South.

A very diverse country with many attractions. Incredible Diving, Sailing, Hiking, Canoeing Caving and Fishing. Tropical rainforests with exotic flowers and plants, wild animals and the beautiful Barrier reef with over a 1,000 islands, truly makes Belize Yacht Charters Paradise.

Images of Belize Frigate Bird, Belize Ambergris Cay, Belize Images of Belize Images of Belize Colors of Belize The Fruit Market, Belize City Blue Angel Fish Images of Belize Belize Images of Belize Colors of Belize Belize Orchids Emerald Toucanet Ancient Mayan Temples The 400ft Deep Blue Hole, Belize Tropical Butterflies, Belize Tropical Butterflies, Belize Mayan Temple, Belize Dawn, Belize City Altun Ha Incredible Beaches Tropical Butterflies, Belize Frigate Bird Aracari Toucans, Belize Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef, Belize Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Belize Keel Billed Toucan, Belize Loggerhead Turtle Private Island, Belize

Belize Charter Yachts

We have a large selection of Bareboat and Crewed Yachts available to Charter. Along with a wide selection of Catamarans for you to choose from. Bareboat Yachts are available with or without Skipper and one ways are possible to and from selected Islands.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sunreef 62 - Soon Come 62 ft LOA $ 26,500 22,500
Sunreef 60 Power Cat 60 ft LOA $ 38,500 31,500
Saona 47 47 ft LOA $ 21,910 13,650
Salina 48 48ft LOA 10,895 3,600
Lipari 41 39ft LOA 6,935 2,515
Leopard 46 46ft LOA $ 17,115 13,965
Leopard 45 45ft LOA $ 7,200 5,330
Lagoon Seventy 7 77 ft LOA $ 62,500 61,000
Lagoon 500 51ft LOA $ 18,760 12,775
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 15,825 6,360
Lagoon 440 44ft LOA $ 16,800 10,980
Lagoon 421 42 ft LOA 8,155 3,275
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 9,910 3,340
Lagoon 40 11.74 Meter LOA 9,420 2,905
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 6,935 2,515
Helia 44 44ft LOA 12,585 3,885
Bali 4.5 Catamaran 45 ft LOA 15,070 4,645
Bali 4.0 Catamaran 40 ft LOA $ 9,786 3,018

Belize Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: San Pedro

Port Name: San Pedro