Athens Luxury Sailing Yachts

The heart of Ancient Greece and a persisting relic in all of world history, Athens remains the capital of its modern counterpart. Thick, heady layers of history envelope Athens; not only does its period-architecture highlight the passage of time, but its artistic endeavors, intellectual progression and well-documented mythology do so too. It is no wonder that visitors are drawn to the almost mythical existence of the city.

A sentinel standing guard, the grand temple city of Acropolis has become a World Heritage Site since 1987. If there was one unmissable attraction in Athens – this is it. Originating from Neolithic times and transformed into a glory of temples during the Classical Greece era, present-day Acropolis may be a shade of its former splendor, but nonetheless a key historical marker. More history dwells in Agora, the political and social hub now a lush respite. Featuring the Temple of Hephaistos, the Church of the Holy Apostles and a museum, it is one of Athens’ seven major heritage sites.

It comes as no surprise then that Athens’ is scattered with museums. From the Acropolis Museum’s display of recovered artifacts to the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, visitors learn not only of the treasures and aged amenities of past empires, but also what influences contemporary art and culture. For instance, the small but significant collection of Islamic Art in the Museum of Islamic Art carves out a story through weaves, jewelry, porcelain and other crafts work.

Majestic monuments aside, visitors should simply wander about the various districts for less-noticed landmarks interspersed between tavernas, shops and intimate residential areas. The scenic neighborhoods may have hard competition in the temples, marble stadiums and archaeological ruins, but small-town charms may be what you need to balance out your Greecian escapade.

The Acropolis, Athens Agora, Athens Loutra Milos Parthenon Colourful Market, Athens Incredible Sunset with a Greek Church in the foreground Images of Greece Erechtheion, Athens Beautiful Beaches Images of Athens Breathtaking Sunsets Ancient Buildings Athens National History Museum Athens National History Museum Athenian Stonework Athens Roman Mosaic Colourful Fresh Vegetables, Athens Athenian Tortoise Spectacular Views of the Aegean Greek Churches Colours of the Agean Sea Houses of Parliament, Athens Olympic Stadium Herodes Atticus Theatre, Athens Sunset at the Parthenon Temple, Athens Statue of Plato at the Athens Academy The Ancient Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion The bustling Town of Plaka, under the Acropolis The famous Town of Plaka, under the Acropolis Traditional Houses of Plaka, under the Acropolis

Athens Crewed Sailing Yachts

A full fleet of crewed Motor Sailing Yachts to charter from 63-168ft. Classic, Mega, Modern, Motor Sail, Mini Cruise Ships or true Authentic. All Yachts are available from Athens or other Greek Mainland & Island locations by special request.

Name Length Currency Max Min
SY Running on Waves 64 Meter LOA 106,000 106,000
SY Opus 68 Helene 68 ft LOA 17,900 13,200
Swan 40 Meter 131ft LOA 98,000 80,000
Sunreef 70 - Mamma Mia 70ft LOA 32,400 23,500
Sunreef 62 Anassa 62ft LOA 25,000 18,000
Sir Winston Churchill 41 Meter LOA 45,900 31,500
Schooner Arktos 152ft LOA 49,000 35,000
Sanya 57 57ft LOA 26,000 18,000
S/Y Panorama II 164ft LOA 92,200 77,000
S/Y Matina 35 Meter LOA 48,500 48,500
S/Y Marina II 65ft LOA 17,400 14,700
S/Y Gitana 118ft LOA 55,000 39,000
S/Y Ellen V 40 Meter LOA 98,000 79,000
S/Y Christianne B 137ft LOA 82,000 60,000
S/Y Alessandro 36 M LOA 50,000 40,000
Prince De Neufchatel 83ft LOA 28,000 25,000
Oceanis 523 52ft LOA 7,200 5,000
MSY Panorama 175ft LOA 94,500 48,300
Motor Sailor Galileo 168ft LOA 110,000 62,000
M/S Troia 112ft LOA 32,000 26,000
M/S Liana H 92ft LOA 34,100 34,100
M/S Ikaklis L 36 Meter LOA 53,500 53,500
M/S Hermina 103ft LOA 34,500 29,400
M/S Eleftheria 63ft LOA 8,500 7,500
M/S Apiliotis 66ft LOA 13,600 12,400
M/S Aphrodite 80ft LOA 23,650 17,400
M/S Almyra 83ft LOA 26,800 21,000
M/S Alexandros 66ft LOA 22,500 16,000
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 27,900 18,900
Lagoon 560 56 ft LOA 23,900 14,100
Joanna K 72ft LOA 13,200 7,700
Hanse 675 68 ft LOA 23,000 18,000
Hanse 630e 63ft LOA 19,500 12,700
Hanse 588 58 ft LOA 11,850 6,200
Gulet Syrolana 27 Meter LOA 22,300 17,800
Gulet Kapetan Kosmas 26 Meter LOA 21,200 16,800
Gulet Irina 22 Meter LOA 15,900 9,900
Gulet Hera 28 Meter LOA 14,500 10,900
Gulet Hemera 28 Meter LOA 21,000 14,000
Gulet Harmonia 25 Meter LOA 21,000 14,000
Gulet Efi 24 Meter LOA 21,600 17,500
Gulet Athena 40 Meter LOA 28,000 17,500
Gulet Anatolie 21 Meter LOA 15,200 10,200
Gianetti Star 64 64ft LOA 16,100 11,600
Galathea 65 65ft LOA 28,000 19,000
Dufour 63 Exclusive 63 ft LOA 21,500 21,500
Dufour 560 56 ft LOA 8,988 3,188
Callisto Swan 80 80ft LOA 24,000 17,880
Beneteau Oceanis 62 62 ft LOA 18,990 10,773
Beneteau 57 57ft LOA 12,300 9,100
Aegean Schatz 99ft LOA 32,000 24,500

Athens Base Map

Base Name: Athens

Port Name: Athens