The Whitsunday Islands, Qld

Discovering the magnificent Whitsunday coast and its hinterland can easily fill a holiday in itself. Awash with colour and sunshine, the township of Airlie Beach is the coastal hub of the Whitsunday's and bustles with an energy all its own. Here, jet-setters, entrepreneurs, expats, artists, sailors, honeymooners and alternative lifestylers rub shoulders.

The Whitsunday´s offer a truly warm welcome to visitors from all parts of the globe. It is not difficult to fall in love with the laid back village atmosphere of the town. For others it's the sheer beauty of the setting as Airlie nestles amid rainforest ridges, island horizons, a cyan series of bays and flotillas of floating yachts. The town also undergoes a transformation after dark and revels in its reputation as a place for nightlife and socialising. For many, this is the major attraction. Alfresco restaurants, nightclubs, boardwalks and bars all come alive and hum into the early hours.

On Saturdays, Airlie's community market offers fresh produce, exotic fruits and flowers and delightful handmade crafts right on the beachfront. Dining on the coast is likewise a feast for the senses with fine restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets representing the flavours of the world.

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The Whitsunday Charter Yachts

A Full Fleet of Charter Yachts are available from this spectacular Tropical Destination. Mega Yachts, Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans can be chartered with or without Crew.

Name Length Currency Max Min
True North 50 Meter LOA AU$ 28,995 21,995
Sun Odyssey 44i 44ft LOA 5,184 3,259
Seawind 1250 41 ft LOA 8,771 4,900
Seawind 11.60 38 ft LOA 6,518 3,653
Seawind 1000 XL 10.8 Meter 5,009 2,887
Saona 47 47 ft LOA 18,440 10,325
MY 37 Power Cat 37 ft LOA 9,734 5,446
Oceanis 48 48ft LOA 7,153 4,462
Oceanis 31 31ft LOA 3,390 2,209
Nautitech 40 40 ft LOA 13,868 7,765
Mahé 36 36ft LOA 5,512 3,171
M/V Mustique 106ft LOA AU$ 84,000 77,000
Lipari 41 39ft LOA 8,771 4,900
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 13,671 7,656
Lagoon 421 42 ft LOA 11,046 6,190
Lagoon 40 11.74 Meter LOA 14,612 8,181
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 7,240 4,046
Dufour 560 56 ft LOA 7,303 5,334
Dufour 56 56 ft LOA 11,221 8,550
Dufour 412 41 ft LOA 5,950 3,653
Cumberland 46 46ft LOA 11,681 7,437
Catalina 350 35ft LOA 3,762 2,450
Bali 4.3 Catamaran 43 ft LOA 13,015 7,284
Bali 4.2 42 ft LOA 13,868 7,765
Bali 4.1 Catamaran 41 ft LOA 13,015 7,284

Whitsunday's Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Whitsunday's

Port Name: Airlie Beach