Puerto Banus, Andalucia

When José Banus gave his name to the now famous port it was unlikely he envisaged it becoming one of the most famous marinas in Europe. Puerto Banus is synonymous with wealth, fashion, glamorous parties and the 'highlife & nightlife'.

It's reputation is high-class and high-price-tag. The "place to be" and "to be seen", this is where the elite classes and would-be famous are to be found.

The area is lined with designer boutiques and restaurants, including well-known venues such as Trader Vic's and Salduba while other well venues such as the Marbella Club Hotel and Oliviá Valère's nightclub are just down the road. The marina is home to large expensive yachts and smaller pleasure craft alike, Shaf - King Fahd's boat is moored near the old tower and is a well known point of reference.

The marina is home to a plethora of restaurants and cafés, catering for all tastes. The marina's increased popularity has led to international chains such as TGI Friday's opening up, making it within the reach of most people to eat in Puerto Banús. In terms of leisure activities Puerto Banus is home to an Aquarium and a multi screen cinema showing films in English.

Apart from drinking a coffee while watching the coming and going of Ferrari's and Bentley's, the most popular pastime in Puerto Banús is probably shopping. It is definitely the "in" place to shop for designer labels with stores from Gianni Versace, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and DKNY. Many of the boutiques also stock several designers under one roof such as Mic Mac - Armani, Cerruti, Kenzo; Royal House - Valentino, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin; Prada and Gucci.

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  • Malaga's Famous Son, Antonio Banderas
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