Bormes les Mimosas

Twenty miles southwest of St Tropez is the fragrant Medieval town of Bormes les Mimosas. The provençal village has a lot to offer the visiting yachtsman. Over 10 miles of Sandy Beaches, peaceful anchorages, picturesque fields of lavender and a multicoloured village of pastel shades. Steep lanes and long winding alleys with magnificent views meander down the mountain to the Cote d'Azur.

Bormes les Mimosas is very convenient for visiting St Tropez, Antibes, Nice and the South of France. As well as the Ile de Hyeres, Porquerolles and Port-Cros National Park south of the Main Harbour. The Coast has favorable Winds and near perfect sailing conditions in Summer with numerous shelters en route.

The Town has the Church at the top of the Mountain and the Castle Ruins if you wish to explore. As well as numerous mouth-watering Restaurants. You can reach Bormes les Mimosas via Nice, Toulon or Marseille Airport. We can provide Airport Transfers or you can take a Bus from Toulon or Nice. The Marina is totally equipped with a Supermarket, a small Grocery Shop, along with Free Parking inside the Marina.

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Yacht Charter Bormes les Mimosas

A Full Selection of the Latest Mono Hulls and Catamarans from the South of France. Bavaria, Beneteau, Dufour, Jeanneau & Lagoon including the latest 2014 Models of the popular Oceanis 41, Sun Odyssey 379 & 409. Yachts are available Bareboat or with Crew.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Victoria 67 67 ft LOA 34,500 28,000
Sun Odyssey 419 41 ft LOA 4,477 2,239
Sun Odyssey 410 41 ft LOA 4,532 2,266
Sun Odyssey 409 40'5 ft LOA 3,760 1,892
Sun Odyssey 389 39 ft LOA 4,063 2,040
Sun Odyssey 379 37ft LOA 3,017 1,508
Sun Loft 47 47ft LOA 8,465 4,061
Oceanis 55 55ft LOA 8,594 4,116
Oceanis 41 41ft LOA 3,760 1,892
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 7,603 3,082
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 9,160 3,677
Lagoon 42 42 ft LOA 9,160 3,677
Dufour 512 51 ft LOA 8,594 4,120
Dufour 412 41 ft LOA 4,070 2,030
Dufour 410 40 ft LOA 4,136 2,081
Dufour 405 40ft LOA 4,136 2,081
Dufour 390 39 ft LOA 4,063 2,044
Bavaria 51 Cruiser 51 ft LOA 6,699 3,215
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 14' 46ft LOA 5,115 2,459
Bavaria 45 Cruiser 45ft LOA 4,764 2,275
Bavaria 37 Cruiser 37ft LOA 3,016 1,508
Bali Catspace 40ft LOA 7,603 3,082
Astrea 42 41 ft LOA 9,160 3,677

Bormes les Mimosas Base Map

Base Name: Bormes les Mimosas

Port Name: Bormes les Mimosas