Boracay Island

Off the northwestern tip of Panay Island in the Visayan Region, lies the Paradise Island of Boracay. The Word "Bor-a-cay" is derived from the local word borac, meaning cotton, a reference to the sand's colour and texture. The Island is about 300kms south of the Capital of Manila. It has become the number one tourist destination of the Philippines. Travelers from all over the globe come to see the world's most beautiful beach: "White Sands Beach, Boracay".

The Island is 7 km long and the narrowest part is less than 1 km. wide. There are 30 beaches and coves, but the king of them all is White Beach, a 3.5km ribbon of powder white sand and gentle, warm water. The water is shallow and its sand brighter and finer than most beaches in the archipelago.

The most recommended way to arrive is by airplane to Caticlan. The flight time from Manila is one hour on an Asian Spirit (50 seater) which offers 8 flights each a day to Caticlan. The land transfer from the airport is 5 mins to the Jetty Port; your then board a Ferry that takes you to the Island. The Ferry ride will take approximately 20 min's. Wear shorts and sandals on arrival, as the ferry lands on the beach in knee high water. However, local porters can carry you ashore, if needed.

The Island has many restaurants, bars, a few nightclubs, extensive diving, kite boarding, windsurfing or pure relaxation, with a massage under the whispering Palm Trees. The local people are very friendly and are happy to help, with all your requirements.

  • Breathtaking Sunset at Whitesands Beach
  • The Beautiful Waters of Boracay Island, Philippines
  • Calibo Festival
  • Local Trimarans
  • Friday's Beach, Boracay
  • Excellent Caving
  • Great Adventure
  • Local Festival at Calibo
  • Friday's Beach
  • North West Boracay
  • Calibo Festival
  • The Famous White Sands Beach
  • A Friendly Tropical Bird
  • Locals at the Nigi Nigi Bar
  • White Sands
  • Great Anchorages
  • Afternoon Sailing, Boracay
  • Twilight, Boracay
  • White Sands Beach, Boracay
  • Lots to explore
  • Spectacular Sunset
  • Lush Coastline
  • China Sea, Sunset
  • Local Firemen

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