The remote frontier of the vast Western Pacific hosts the most diverse and traditional cultures and exotic tropical landscapes presented in todays world of Oceania. We are pleased to announce announce a sweeping voyage through this exciting region.

Join us as we sail to the outer Islands of Papua New Guinea, Yap and Palau, discovering the best of Melanesia and Micronesia.Our journey begins in Papua New Guinea, where we spend several days exploring this countries far-flung Islands, rich with vibrant, intact cultures, lush scenery and an intriguing history.

The time-honoured traditions of this Melanesian paradise will allow us a comparative perspective with the Micronesian cultures we later experience. Being part of the Kula Ring of ritual trading, the Trobriand Islanders greet us with exuberant dances by women clad in red brush skirts and by men in feathered headdresses.

On the Island of New Britain, Rabaul is famed for its entrancing scenery and a keyhole harbour surrounded by magnificent volcanoes so active that you will see steam plumes, volcanic ash and pumice; as well as a captivating, primeval Fire Dance over red hot coals. The Micronesians of Yap State are rarely visited by the outside world. Traditional clans on Satawal, Ifalik and Sorol welcome us with the intoxicating beat of ancestral drums before guiding us through their villages dressed in lava-lava loincloths and fibrous skirts.

Whilst visiting these Islands, we watch men spinning coconut husks into sennit for lashing out-rigger canoes, observe women weaving pandanus mats and witness carvers hewing sculptures inlaid with pearl shell. A thrilling ride in a native sailing canoe across the azure lagoon or a lazy walk along a long sandy beach and the heavenly scent of frangipani wafting through groves of palms and papaya and other pleasing options.

The 70 Islands of Palau Man made Passage through the Reef Anemone Fish Southern Island, Micronesia Aerial view of the Reef Perfect Righthander Papa New Guinea Incredible Diving The Graceful Manta Ray The Chiefs of Tikopia Welcoming Party Two Young Micronesian Dancers An Island Paradise of the New Guinea Coast The Baining Tribe's Firedance Enthusiastic locals at the Trobriand Islands Kitava Island A playful Bottle-nosed Dolphin Anemone Fish Feathered Sunset A Young Boy after a devastating Volcano A School of Manta Rays Red Fish, Micronesia Southern Island, Micronesia Lagoon & Tropical Islands, Micronesia

Charter Yachts of Micronesia

We can offer a 65 ft Catamaran from this most remote Charter Destination.

Name Length Currency Max Min
True North 50 Meter LOA AU$ 28,995 21,995
SY Asia 30 Meter LOA 33,950 24,500
S/Y Alila Purnama 45.6 Meter LOA $ 87,900 87,900
Raja Laut Schooner 30 Meter LOA 33,900 31,600
Hanse Explorer 47.76 M LOA 200,000 175,000
Expedition Yacht Sauvage 60ft LOA $ 17,500 6,900

Micronesia Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Micronesia

Port Name: Palau