The La Paz region has tropical turquoise coves, pristine deserts, National Parks and rugged Mountain Ranges. There are more than 40 remote Anchorages spread over 220 kilometers of Baja California and 12 uninhabited Islands. With such a low maritime population, you typically have all the coves and anchorages to yourselves. The area is home to thousands of exotic fish species and a breeding ground for Pacific Whales.

The Bays are protected by the La Giganta Mountain Range providing Shelter from the Seasonal Winds. With abundant colourful Reefs to Snorkel and Dive en route. Espiritu Santos (Sacred Spirits) is located 32km North of La Paz. The Island is 18km long with no permanent residents and 12 spectacular anchorages, along with the Best Beaches in Mexico. With trails leading to Waterfalls and a Natural Red Rock Amphitheater, there is something here for everyone. The Islands are considered the Crown Jewels.

Be sure to visit the Twin coves of Gato & Toro and Bahia Agua Verde, there is Great Diving at El Toro Reef. Village of Agua Verde has a population of 100 which supports a small Fishing industry. Locals offer their fresh Catch
as soon you have anchored. There are Beach Parties ashore and everyone is very welcome. Puerto Escondido is also very popular year round. There is excellent Snorkeling and Diving with plenty of things to do ashore from visiting the Jesuit Mission, Potteries and viewing prehistoric Cave Paintings.

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La Paz Yacht Charter

A Full fleet of Bareboat Charter Yachts from the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Power Catamarans, Lagoon Catamarans and 2 Mono Hulls complete the fleet.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 449 46 ft LOA 6,830 3,520
Saona 47 47 ft LOA 15,030 7,990
Oceanis 41.1 41 ft LOA 5,850 3,020
Nautitech 46 Open 46 ft LOA $ 10,020 4,584
MY 37 Power Cat 37 ft LOA $ 7,506 5,430
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 7,530 3,580
Leopard 47 Power Cat 47ft LOA 5,570 3,300
Lagoon 450 F 45ft LOA 9,845 4,295
Lagoon 440 44ft LOA 6,295 3,020
Lagoon 421 42ft LOA 5,675 2,730
Lagoon 42 42 ft LOA 6,200 2,815
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 7,280 3,860
Lagoon 380 38ft LOA 6,480 3,040
Expedition Yacht Sauvage 60ft LOA $ 17,500 6,900
Dufour 520 GL 15.2 Meter LOA 8,600 4,565
Dufour 460 46 ft LOA 6,830 3,520
Dufour 412 GL 41 ft LOA 5,850 3,020
Catana 41 41ft LOA 4,200 2,530
Bali 4.5 45 ft LOA $ 12,612 6,342
Bali 4.1 Catamaran 41 ft LOA 13,575 4,270
Astrea 42 41 ft LOA 13,355 6,395

La Paz Yacht Charter Base

Base Name: La Paz

Port Name: Costa Baja Marina