Lying 180 miles off the Southern tip of India, is a necklace of 1,190 Islands, over 500 miles long from north to south of the Equator, referred to as the Maldives. Of which 202 are inhabited. With the Islands laced in a ring like shape forming a lagoon and average temperatures of 29 to 32* C, this truly is a Sailors paradise.

Famous worldwide for its diving and the psychedelic beauty of its colours have held divers and snorkelor's in awe, since the destination was first discovered. With some of the worlds best dive sites and a history rich in culture from the very first melting pot of settlers from all parts of the world. Local music and dance have African influences, with songs in a language that is not known but certainly represents that of East African countries.

There is a great South Asian influence in the traditional food of the Maldives. Women play an important role in society whilst the Men spend the entire day at sea fishing. Many of the native traditions are strongly connected with the seas and the dependency of the life within.

Dhivehi is the local language spoken all over the Maldives. English is largely spoken and visitors can easily communicate around the capital island. In the resorts, a variety of languages are spoken by the staff including English, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

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Charter Yachts of Maldives

A Selection of Catamarans are available for Charter the 44ft & 48ft Knysna Catamarans, built in 2005 & 2009. With en-suite cabins for 6 or 8 guests. The yachts come complete with extensive diving and water sports equipment. We can also suggest the Marquises 56 or the Nautitech 82 for larger groups. The Maldives is truly an Island-hoppers paradise. The Yachts are available for Charter with Skipper and Chef/Hostess.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Raja Laut Schooner 30 Meter LOA 35,900 33,600
Nautitech 82 82ft LOA 26,500 20,500
Marquises 56 56ft LOA 23,060 13,000
Maiora 31 Sea Jaguar 31 Meter LOA 92,000 70,000
M/Y Maldive Mosaic 41 Meter LOA US$ 43,000 29,400
M/Y Honors Legacy 110 ft $ 25,700 25,700
M/Y Dhaainkan'baa 44 Meter LOA $ 115,000 90,000
M/Y Aurora 28.5 Meter LOA $ 22,000 17,500
M/V Virgo 105 ft LOA $ 32,464 25,100
M/V Orion 135ft LOA $ 56,556 39,700
M/V Leo 118 ft LOA $ 44,710 36,600
Leopard 38 38ft LOA 9,765 3,540
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 27,890 22,190
Knysna 480 48ft LOA 12,600 7,630
Knysna 440 44ft LOA 9,520 6,230
Eleuthera 60 60ft LOA 25,260 15,230
Catalante 600 60ft LOA $ 28,166 22,790

Maldives Yacht Charter

Base Name: Malé, Maldives

Port Name: Malé