Ravenna is an Adriatic city full of Art and Nature, situated in the north Adriatic Sea linked by the Candiano Canal, which flows through the center of the city. Ravenna is a natural meeting place for water sports enthusiasts. A Centre for Sailing, Swimming, Fishing, Diving which also includes the National Museum of Underwater Activities.

Nature here is very precious with prestigious areas such as the natural oasis of Boscoforte and the peaceful valleys of the Po Delta wetland reserves with native vegetation and fauna. Do not miss a stroll through the ancient pine forest of San Vitale and a visit to the extraordinary salt lands of Cervia dating back to Etruscan times.

Ravenna's glorious history dates back to the period when the Roman emperor Octavian began the great hydraulic works for the construction of the Port. Octavian's fleet included more than 250 ships and 10,000 sailors. Ravenna grew in importance many times: the first of the Western Roman Empire (402-476), the second of the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths (493-553), and lastly the Byzantine Exarchate (568 - 751).

Ravenna is one of the few places in the world with eight UNESCO World Heritage monuments among which include the Neoniano decorated in 458 and the Basilica of Saint Apollinaris in Classe dating back to 547. The mosaics here are beautifully preserved works of art, unique in the world. Ravenna is steeped in culture a temple enclosed in a zone of silence and tranquility. Here lie the remains of the divine poet Dante Alighieri.

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Ravenna Yacht Charter

We can offer a varied Selection of Harmony Yachts, a Nautitech 442 Catamaran and an Azimut Luxury Motor Yacht from this Adriatic Jewel. Itineraries are varied and you can sail to Pula, Istria, Zadar and the North Kornati Islands. Alternatively, sail North to Venice, Caorle or Trieste or Southbound to Cervia, Rimini and Riccione.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Nautitech 442 44ft LOA 7,900 4,140
Azimut 55 57'ft 5" LOA 17,500 12,700

Ravenna Base Map

Base Name: Ravenna

Port Name: Ravenna