La Rochelle

La Rochelle lies about 70 miles North of Bordeaux on the Atlantic Coast of France in the Bay of Biscay. La Rochelle has a completely different character than the French Riviera. The City has an extensive Nautical History and is one of the major Yachting Centres of Europe.

La Rochelle has a beautifully preserved Old Town and the Port Area has many attractions for the water sports enthusiast, along with beautiful beaches and an excellent sailing ground. There are Islands to explore and beautiful bays and Anchorages.

The attractions include: Nautical Museums, the Aquarium, Historical Castles as well as many other activities for you to visit on the famous "Yellow Bikes" which are free for 2 hours rental. The City also has some of the finest restaurants in France for lovers of Seafood and Shellfish as well as local dishes unique to the Atlantic region.

La Rochelle Cafe du Bassin, La Rochelle Night Photo of La Rochelle La Rochelle Images of La Rochelle Harbour Entrance to La Rochelle The Old Town of La Rochelle The Old Harbour La Rochelle Center The Harbour Sunflowers Café de la Paix La Rochelle Images of La Rochelle La Rochelle La Rochelle at Twilight Rooftops of La Rochelle Beautiful Beaches Incredible Fish at the Aquarium Mont St Michel The Bridge to Ile de Re La Rochelle La Rochelle Harbour, December La Rochelle Harbour at Night Spring Photo of the Harbour, La Rochelle Autumn Photo of La Rochelle La Rochelle, West Coast of France

La Rochelle Charter Yachts

We have a large fleet available for Bareboat or with Skipper/Crew Charter, from La Rochelle, on the West coast of France. Mono Hulls from various Builders and Catamarans complete the fleet.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 419 41 ft LOA 2,825 1,660
Oceanis 46 46ft LOA 3,950 2,570
Oceanis 40 40ft LOA 2,825 1,760
Oceanis 38.1 38 ft LOA 3,095 1,715
Oceanis 37 37ft LOA 2,340 1,540
Oceanis 34 34ft LOA 2,420 1,190
Mahé 36 36ft LOA 3,195 2,020
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 4,215 2,310
Lipari 41 39ft LOA 3,750 2,300
Lavezzi 40 40ft LOA 3,550 2,060
Dufour 450 45 ft LOA 4,135 2,210
Dufour 425 42ft LOA 2,775 1,750
Dufour 412 41 ft LOA 2,825 1,650
Dufour 382 38 ft LOA 2,925 1,570
Dufour 375 37ft LOA 2,590 1,490
Dufour 365 36ft LOA 2,540 1,480
Dufour 335 33ft LOA 1,870 1,110

La Rochelle Base Map

Base Name: La Rochelle

Port Name: La Rochelle