St Barths

In the North East Caribbean Leeward Islands, lies the petite French Island of Saint-Barthélemy or St Barths. Discovered by Columbus in 1493 and later occupied by the French over 360 years ago, it was bought by the Swedes in 1785 and France purchased back the Island almost 100 years later in 1878.

St Barts has over 20 beautiful beaches on the Island of 8 miles². The location is a marine reserve and is very popular for snorkelling and diving. The Island is French speaking, though English is widely spoken.

St Barths is quite exclusive with no major Hotels and a tiny Airport. It is very appealing to the Rich and Famous for its discreetness, excellent restaurants and immaculate beaches. The principal town is named Gustavia named after the former Swedish King.

St Barts is 12 miles South East of Saint Martin, 18 miles from the UK Island of Anguilla and 20 nautical miles from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Saba.

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St Barts Charter Yachts

Luxury Catamarans and two Classic Sailing Yachts for the Wooden enthusiasts, including the former Colonel Whitbread owned Lone Fox and the Sparkman & Stevens Yawl, Northern Light.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Victoria 67 67 ft LOA $ 42,400 39,000
Sunreef 80 Levante 80 ft LOA $ 63,000 55,000
Sunreef 70 Skylark 70 ft LOA 42,900 39,000
Sunreef 62 Tahaa II 62ft LOA 24,000 22,000
Sunreef 62 Moonstone 62ft LOA $ 26,600 22,000
Sunreef 60 Power Cat 60 ft LOA $ 38,500 31,500
Sunreef 60 Ewhala 60 ft LOA 34,000 34,000
S/Y Rapture 99.1 ft LOA US$ 55,000 55,000
Privilege 615 62 ft LOA 19,600 14,500
M/Y San Bernardo 44 Meter LOA 170,000 150,000
M/Y Private Lives 120ft LOA 78,000 68,000
Lone Fox Classic 64ft LOA $ 11,000 9,000
Lagoon Seventy 7 77 ft LOA $ 62,500 61,000
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA $ 39,900 23,394
Catamaran Muse 70 ft LOA 39,900 22,400

St Barths Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: St Baths

Port Name: Gustavia St Baths