One Hundred and Sixty three miles west, south west of Rio de Janeiro lies the beautiful paradise region of Parati, a classic example of one of the most beautiful preserved colonial towns in Brazil. Surrounded by 65 Islands with excellent diving conditions throughout the year from Cocos, Cumprida, Ratos and Meros.

Paraty is rare and unequalled, abundant beaches and an excellent sailing ground along with it's olde-worlde charm of cobbled streets and historical architecture. Whilst visiting Paraty you must also go to the nearby Trindade, with it's beautiful beaches. Also an excursion to the Pedra Bianca Waterfalls is a must with excellent bathing in the refreshing waters.

Paraty also has cultural attractions such as the Historical centre, the House of Culture and excellent mouth watering restaurants and local arts and crafts.

Twilight Parati Tropical Dawn The colonial village of Parati Trindade Bay, Parati Images of Parati Parati Lago de Pedra White Rock Falls Do Divino Festival Paraty Twilight Image Easy Sailing Local Fisherman The Town of Parati Parati Beaches of Parati White Rock Falls Travel Images of Parati Secluded Beach, Parati Summer Sun Midnight Blue Radiant Colours Water colours of Parati Colonial Church of Parati Images of Paraty Sunset over the Islands in front of Parati The Old Town of Parati

Charter Yachts of Parati

From Parati we can offer the Tallest Ship in South America.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Wind 34 34 ft LOA 1,950 300
Tocorimé Schooner 120ft LOA 9,540 9,500
Sun Odyssey 509 51ft LOA 6,800 1,050
Sun Odyssey 469 46ft LOA 5,800 4,620
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 4,500 750
Sun Odyssey 42 DS 42ft LOA 3,560 540
Sun Odyssey 379 37ft LOA 3,100 420
Schooner Dalia 75ft LOA 6,500 4,500
Oceanis 40 40ft LOA 3,500 2,780
Lipari 41 41 ft LOA 7,600 1,160
Lagoon 420 42ft LOA 7,600 6,010
Bavaria 40 Cruiser 40 ft LOA 3,500 2,780

Paraty Base Map

Base Name: Paraty

Port Name: Paraty