Angra Dos Reis

Dedicate an island to every day of the year at the Brazil’s glimmering green coast – Angra dos Reis is a calendar of 365 islands, post-card pretty bays and islets of turquoise. From the mainland coastline to the far tip of Ilha Grande, the region’s biggest island, it is a paradise of steep forested cliffs and beaches on beaches.

The natural starting point of your Angra dos Reis adventure lands on Ilha Grande, celebrated for its biodiversity and adventure tourism. Trekking, kayaking and exploring the wilderness will guarantee an adrenaline-fueled day full of fantastical sceneries and untouched spaces. Scuba diving however beats out the rest as Ilha Grande spoils with shipwrecks, coral reefs and abundant marine life. Close by Lagoa Azul, Palms Island, Acaia Grotto and more promises blue lagoons and coves teeming with verdant growth. When your fingers start to prune and your head is filled with imprints of underwater marvels, dry off on the beaches.

Historical architectures are abundant throughout the mainland and prominent islands, lauded for its Holy Trinity church, the Aquidaba dedicated monument at Jacuecanga Bay, Leme’s Fort and more. Visit the Historic Village of Mambucada for a taste of local living, or dig deep into the ruins of Bracui Central Mill. Beautiful Paraty city blends nature and man-made by surrounding colonial mansions with vibrant fauna, trails of flora leading the way to soft beaches.

Keep in mind that Angra dos Reis covers a large area so temperatures and weather patterns may shift accordingly. Overall, expect short and humid summers with consistent rainfall, while winters offer a stretch of mild weather. We recommend visiting around early May or mid-September to make the best of your outdoor journey.

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Charter Yachts of Angra dos Reis

We have a nice fleet of Beneteau Yachts and Lagoon Catamarans available, from Angra dos Reis. Please click on a link alongside to view full details of the Charter Yachts with prices, photos and any additional information.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Schooner Dalia 75ft LOA 6,900 4,500
Leopard 45 45ft LOA 5,300 5,300
Lagoon 46 46 ft LOA 11,000 9,000
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 7,200 6,000
Dufour 410 40 ft LOA 4,200 3,300
Dufour 360 36 ft LOA 3,400 2,000
Cyclades 50.4 50ft LOA 6,000 4,500
Cyclades 39.3 39ft LOA 2,290 1,360
Beneteau First 40,7 40ft LOA 2,990 1,600
Bavaria 45 Cruiser 45ft LOA 5,890 3,160

Angra dos Reis Base Map

Base Name: Angra dos Reis

Port Name: Angra dos Reis