Cape York, Queensland

Australia's world famous Great Barrier Reef is a priority destination for most global travelers. The most diverse and spectacular section of the reef is in the far north, which also happens to be the most remote and least-traveled region.

Coupled with the wildlife and lush rainforest of the Cape York Peninsula and the intriguing Island cultures of the Torres Strait, this region offers a tapestry of brilliant and seldom-visited attractions. Snorkel and SCUBA dive on the edge of the world's richest underwater wonderland in the company of the region's leading Marine Biologist guides.

Visit the marvelous chain of Ribbon Reefs (unique to the northern Barrier Reef) and their many sand caves, which are home to hundreds of nesting sea birds and turtles. Explore the verdant, virgin rainforest of Australia's most species-rich wildlife region. Encounter prolific bird life, crocodiles and bizarre mammals, which have more in common with their New Guinea cousins than the rest of Australia’s fauna.

Our voyage takes in many different Islands, and our coastal exploration takes us to vast silica sand dunes, rugged rocky landscapes and coconut-fringed beaches. Fish for coral trout, barramundi and a host of sought-after reef and estuarine species, in the heart of Australia's tropical north. We visit extensive rock art galleries, whose paintings are some of the most vibrant in Australia. Among the far-flung Island communities of the Torres Strait, we meet the friendly Islanders and learn about their rich culture through energetic dances and traditional practices.

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The Australian Luxury Yachts

We are proud to present our 10-day, all-inclusive Luxury Charter cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and Cape York Peninsula. Traveling with a maximum of only 10 guests aboard the Luxurious Yacht the M. V. Mustique, a quality cruise experience of this standard has never before been available at this destination.

Name Length Currency Max Min
True North 50 Meter LOA AU$ 28,990 21,995
Mv Mustique 106ft LOA AU$ 88,000 77,000

Cape York Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Cape York

Port Name: Cape York