Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city. It lies amongst a collection of remote islands and inlets on the west coast of Sweden, halfway between Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. Gothenburg has a great mercantile and shipbuilding tradition. The Swedish East India Company was founded in 1731 which soon became the largest company of Swedish trade and influenced the historical, cultural and architectural development of the city.

Gothenburg is a unique city and is often compared to San Francisco or Amsterdam. The city is filled with cultural attractions and urban services. The Gothenburg Konstmuseum exhibits works by, Munch, Carl Larsson and impressionists such as Rubens and Van Gogh, Picasso and Rembrandt. Gothenburg also has an annual Film Festival every February.

Gothenburg is surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife. There are numerous nature trails such as the nature reserve of Lake Delsjön, Slottskogen Park or the Botanical Gardens and other environmental attractions. Sailing the coast offers unforgettable beauty, where harsh rocks in crystal waters contrast the lush green background of hills, halcyon winds and clear blue skies.. There are many fishing villages and coves that are home to local fishermen and sailors with Nordic traditions.

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Gothenburg Yacht Charter

We can offer 4 different Bavaria Mono Hulls from this magical of Yacht Charter Destinations.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 449 46 ft LOA 4,900 3,200
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 4,600 2,392
Sun Odyssey 389 39 ft LOA 3,600 1,900
Sun Odyssey 349 35 ft LOA 2,830 1,460
Oceanis 38 38 ft LOA 3,200 1,850
MY Day Dream 140 ft LOA 99,000 89,000
Hanse 385 38ft LOA 3,500 1,900
Elan 350 35ft LOA 2,440 1,380
Dufour 445 44ft LOA 4,320 2,500
Dufour 375 37ft LOA 3,120 1,500
Bavaria C45 46 ft LOA 5,200 2,900
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 17' 46ft LOA 4,900 3,200
Bavaria 45 Cruiser 45ft LOA 5,210 2,300
Bavaria 41 Cruiser '16 41 ft LOA 4,500 2,400
Bavaria 40 Cruiser 40 ft LOA 3,800 2,000
Bavaria 37 Cruiser '22 37ft LOA 3,900 2,000
Bavaria 36 Cruiser 36ft LOA 2,980 1,520
Bavaria 35 Cruiser 35 ft LOA 2,980 1,450
Bavaria 34 Cruiser '17 34 ft LOA 3,300 1,800
Bavaria 33 Cruiser 33ft LOA 2,920 1,380

Gothenburg Base Map

Base Name: Gothenburg

Port Name: Gothenburg