You don’t earn the moniker of ‘the Jewel of Kedah’ without the inherent beauty that characterizes Langkawi. An archipelago of 99 islands northwest of Malaysia, this once unknown collection of natural gems has truly become ‘the land of one’s wishes’. Its location in the Andaman Sea offers comfortable breezes and calm waters, but easily accessible by plane or boat. If its natural riches aren’t enticing enough, Langkawi’s tax-free stature is a huge draw for tourists seeking budget luxury.

Langkawi’s main draw of course, is the powdery beaches and lush tropics. Deep waters around each island provide treasure troves of corals and aquatic life, pushing snorkeling and scuba diving to the top of must-do activities. Thick, forested mountains home to diverse wildlife and fauna step in for those who prefer solid ground, with hiking trails that lead to stunning views across the isles. Immerse in the paddy fields, smooth bays and fresh air for a complete break away from city-induced stress.

The main Langkawi Island compromises modern comforts and natural attractions. Whether it is sipping cocktails at a coastal resort or slogging through the Mangrove Forest, you’ll find something for you. Take the cable car for sweeping views in enclosed transport, and disembark topside for some Skytrail Jungle Trekking. Learn more about the history of rice farming at Laman Padi’s outdoor museum, or hustle down to Pantai Cenang beach for the best of seaside entertainment.

While Langkawi’s tropical topography implies humid weather, monsoon season is typically between September to October, leaving a relatively dry and stable climate the rest of the year. Expect temperatures to average between low twenties and thirties, and strong suns throughout February to July.

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Charter Yachts of Langkawi

Various Catamarans for Yacht Charter and Monohulls from this incredible Andaman Archipelago. Yachts can be chartered with or without crew. We also have availability of the Luxury Schooner Raja Laut.

Name Length Currency Max Min
SY Asia 30 Meter LOA 33,950 24,500
Sunreef 62 Blaze II 62 ft LOA 22,890 18,800
Sun Odyssey 479 47 ft LOA 6,375 2,015
S/Y Scame 72ft LOA 18,950 15,250
Raja Laut Schooner 30 Meter LOA 33,900 31,600
Oceanis 48 48ft LOA 8,190 2,970
M/Y Lady Arraya 40.3 Meter LOA 64,900 60,000
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 9,590 3,200
Leopard 40 40 ft LOA 6,930 2,120
Lagoon 620 62ft LOA 29,750 26,000
Lagoon 500 51ft LOA 12,900 10,300
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 14,200 3,580
Harmony 47 47ft LOA 5,990 1,860
Catamaran Blue Moon 52ft LOA 24,000 14,000
Catamaran Amadeus 48 ft LOA 10,250 8,060

Langkawi Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Langkawi, Malysia

Port Name: Langkawi Marina