Borneo, Brunei

One Hundred and fifteen degrees east of Greenwich, lying on the equator lies the modern and multi-cultured Island of Borneo. Comprising of the Sultanate of Brunei, the ethnic Water villages populated by local fishermen and friendly tribal communities, living harmoniously next to and within the tropical rainforest.

A former British colony for 115 years with a brief occupation by the Japanese in the 2nd World War. Gaining Independence on the 16th of September 1963 and becoming Part Malyasian and part of Indonesia. Conveniently located and within 2 hours flight from Singapore, Manilla or Hong Kong, makes Borneo an easy place to visit.

Famed for its fresh exotic colonial and Asian seafood, the endless beaches of White Sand, the hospitality of the local people, make Borneo an excellent tourist attraction. Along with World Class Diving, Rafting and Outdoor Trekking and Aventures in the Widerness, with all that nature has to offer at one of the richest places on Earth, make Borneo the Paradise of the Tropics.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Marine Park Melaka Palace, Brunei Tasik Meribun Baby Rabbits Tasik Meribun South China Sea Infusion Evening Sunset Malaysian Sunset Omar Ali Mosque The Royal Barge in front of the Omar Ali Mosque The Royal Barge The Water Villages of Borneo Local Celebrations on Independence Day Images of Malaysia Sunset on the Brunei Skyline Brunei Sunset The Town of Yayasan Images of Borneo Wasai Wong Kabir Images of the Mosque The adorable Orangutan Colours of Brunei Kota Kinabalu Floating Mosque, Malaysia Mother, Baby & Child Orangutans from Sabah Borneo, Malaysia

Charter Yachts of Borneo

Older than the Titanic, the M/S Haganes is a tranformed ex-working vessel, which can cater for your Luxuries whilst visiting Asia. A professional crew of 5 including a fantastic Chef who prepares a delicate fusion of International and local cuisine. Built in Norway in 1907, this versatile Luxury Vessel can be chartered from Brunei, Borneo, Palawan in the Philippines, Tioman, Malaysia and the East Coast of Thailand.

Name Length Currency Max Min
SY Asia 30 Meter LOA 33,950 24,500
Sunreef 62 Blaze II 62 ft LOA 22,890 18,800
S/Y Scame 72ft LOA 18,950 15,250
S/Y Orion 60ft LOA 11,760 7,560
Raja Laut Schooner 30 Meter LOA 33,900 31,600
M/Y Lady Arraya 40.3 Meter LOA 64,900 60,000
M/S Haganes 100ft LOA $ 12,500 11,500
Catamaran Blue Moon 52ft LOA 24,000 14,000

Borneo Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: Brunei

Port Name: Brunei