Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is located on the eastern coast of the Strait of Messina. The Strait separates Mainland Italy from nearby Sicily. At the Northern end of the Strait, it is barely 1.5 miles across, stretching to over 7 miles wide at the southern end.

The Strait is populated with migrating Swordfish and the peculiar boats which have evolved to catch the beautiful swordfish. The Bowsprits sometimes stretch to 15 metres in length, with long masts for the captain to steer from his lookout.

The Area has been made famous by Greek folklore and the tales of Odysseus in the legendary Odyssey. There are strong currents on Spring Tides, but the Winds here are predominately northerly in the summer and southerly in the Spring and Autumn.

Reggio Calabria has one of the most important archaeological Museums in Southern Italy, with Greek Artifacts and a wide and varied collection of findings along with two tablets of Antonello and some beautiful bronze statues. Whilst in Reggio you must take a visit to the Castello Aragonese.

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Charter Yachts of Reggio Calabria

We have a fine selection of mono hulls from 34 to 50 ft from the House of Beneteau. Oceanis, Cyclades, First and a Lagoon Catamaran for you to Charter along this truly breathtaking coastline in the southern Mediterranean.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 3,940 1,700
Oceanis 54 54ft LOA 7,490 3,820
Oceanis 48 48ft LOA 6,740 2,040
Oceanis 46 46ft LOA 4,320 2,120
Oceanis 45 45ft LOA 6,390 2,990
Oceanis 41 41ft LOA 4,690 2,390
Lagoon 500 51ft LOA 11,900 4,400
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 8,690 4,000
Lagoon 380 38 ft LOA 6,990 3,580
Gulet Deriya Deniz 24 Meter LOA 20,950 14,900
Bordeaux 60 The Rock 60 ft LOA 16,000 13,000

Reggio Calabria Base Map

Base Name: Reggio Calabria

Port Name: Reggio Calabria