White and blue are the anthem colors of Paros, a close neighbor to famous Mykonos and Santorini. Byzantine influences and the foamy crush of waves against beaches and seafront residences alike build a dreamy, languid holiday destination. Easily accessible via Athens and Thessaloniki, and connected to the rest of the Cyclades Islands by ferry, Paros is the portal to a classic Greek summer.

Wrapped around the horse-shoe bay of capital Parikia is a maze-like spread of white-washed cubic houses and elegant mansions. Nestled right on the coastline to be splashed by waves, these quaint residences extend up the hill like a carpet before the peak-side 13th century Venetian Castle. 6th century Katapoliani Church is named for its plethora of gates; one of which is hidden. To observe hand-crafted iconostases and ancient heirlooms, visit the Byzantine Museum hosted in the baptistery.

It is also enough to simply meander the winding lanes of Paros’ piquant villages. Burst of flowers form canopies over houses, beautiful squares and narrow alleys a beautiful complement to the lush valleys. Culture seeps out from the traditional villages of Naoussa, Lefkes and Marpissa, each home to a Venetian fortress, folk culture museum and monastery respectively. Close by to Marpissa are the sun-drenched beaches of Logaras and Pisso Livadi. Delve past rich vegetation and wild olive groves for sandy strips. Kolymbithres beach stuns with white rock formations, whereas Kalogeros is a natural spa of red and green clay pools.

Bask in the warm Mediterranean summer and avoid visiting during winter as the rain makes seafaring cold. Frequent northerly winds run throughout spring and summer, keeping maximum temperatures below 30℃. If you’re planning on long dips in the sea, July to September offers the warmest waters at an average of 23℃.

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Cyclades Charter Yachts from Paros

Oceanis, Dufour, Jeanneau & Bavaria Monohulls, 3, 4 and 5 cabin Models. Along with several Lagoon Catamarans from a Principal Port of the Cyclades Islands.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 490 49 ft LOA 7,627 2,695
Sun Odyssey 449 46 ft LOA 4,965 1,763
Sun Odyssey 440 44 ft LOA 6,056 2,143
Sun Odyssey 439 44ft LOA 4,830 1,703
Sun Odyssey 419 41 ft LOA 4,713 1,679
Oceanis 51.1 51 ft LOA 8,822 3,116
Oceanis 48 48ft LOA 6,735 2,379
Oceanis 46.1 46 ft LOA 6,971 2,473
Oceanis 45 45ft LOA 5,404 1,907
Oceanis 41.1 41 ft LOA 4,360 1,553
Oceanis 37 37ft LOA 3,400 1,250
Lucia 40 40 ft LOA 7,685 2,714
Lagoon 630 63 ft LOA 39,200 31,000
Lagoon 52 52ft LOA 18,850 7,540
Lagoon 50 50ft LOA 13,878 4,913
Lagoon 46 46 ft LOA 11,700 5,600
Lagoon 450 45ft LOA 10,700 4,850
Lagoon 42 42 ft LOA 8,600 3,800
Lagoon 400 40ft LOA 6,587 2,332
Lagoon 380 38 ft LOA 4,950 2,150
Isla 40 Catamaran 40 ft LOA 8,307 2,934
Hanse 588 58 ft LOA 13,900 7,550
Dufour 63 Exclusive 63 ft LOA 21,500 21,500
Dufour 48 48 ft LOA 15,500 6,500
Dufour 470 47 ft LOA 7,200 2,597
Dufour 460 46 ft LOA 5,743 2,086
Dufour 430 43 ft LOA 6,546 2,318
Dufour 390 39 ft LOA 4,190 1,990
Dufour 385 11,72m LOA 3,040 1,076
Catamaran Mystique 70 ft LOA 25,900 20,800
Bavaria C45 46 ft LOA 6,056 2,143
Bavaria 47 Cruiser 47ft LOA 4,460 1,590

Paros Base Map

Base Name: Paros

Port Name: Paros