Crete is the southernmost and largest of the Greek islands. More than 160 kilometres long with strong cultural traditions. The island has many ports like Iraklion. Rethimno, Ayios Nikolaus on the north coast, as well as many smaller cities ports and anchorages. The sterile Southwest, a very fertile south and east coast. The Southern Coast has very beautiful beaches with incredible sailing. There are also snow covered mountains in winter.

Crete is full of history dating back to the Minoan civilization 2800 BC, followed by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantine period, the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire. Even the Germans occupied the Second World War. There is a fascinating Minoan Archaeological Museum in Iraklion.

Spring is full of wildflowers and orchids and a centre for migratory birds. The favourable climate of Crete allows Cultivation of a great variety of fruit and vegetables. Olives, grapes, carob, peaches, oranges, bananas, melons and tomatoes. Crete is really a glimpse of the Mediterranean as it once was...

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Yacht Charter Crete

A collection of Monohulls and Catamarans from Heraklion, Crete. Three, Four & Five Cabins for exploring the Southern Mediterranean Sea.

Name Length Currency Max Min
Sun Odyssey 45 45ft LOA 3080 1620
Sun Odyssey 43 43ft LOA 2740 1440
Sun Odyssey 40 40ft LOA 2500 1200
Oceanis 43 43ft LOA 2450 1250
Oceanis 38.1 38 ft LOA 3600 1900
Ocean Star 512 51ft LOA 3650 2000
Nautitech 47 47ft LOA 7500 3250
Lagoon 440 44ft LOA 5550 2750
First 45 45ft LOA 2338 1420
Elan 434 Impression 43ft LOA 3750 1330
Cyclades 50.5 50ft LOA 4500 2600
Cyclades 43 43ft LOA 3500 1850
Bavaria 46 Cruiser 46ft LOA 3100 1500
Bavaria 44 44ft LOA 3520 1164
Bavaria 42 Cruiser 42ft LOA 2250 1150

Crete Base Map

Base Name: Heraklion

Port Name: Heraklion, Crete