For most of us, Antarctica represents our best chance to experience the wonders of journeying to 'another world', without having to leave planet Earth. She has enticed explorers, scientists, adventurers and dreamers for more than a century and today, there is still tremendous scope for further exploration.

As winter releases its icy grip, millions of penguins, sea birds and seals pour from the ocean to breed along the thawing shores of Antarctica. Enormous breeding colonies form in the shadow of the soaring mountains. Icebergs - carved in every schizophrenic shape imaginable and compressed to a sky blue tint - roam the coast, glistening in a land where the height of summer delivers 24 hours of daylight.

Wander quietly among hundreds of thousands of penguins and albatross; weave through a maze of sculptured icebergs in our trusty Zodiacs; anchor inside a flooded volcano and swim in the warm, thermal waters of a seal-cloaked beach! Sift through the ruins of abandoned whaling stations and visit modern, international research stations; climb a snow-clad hill for an inspirational view or photograph imposing geological spires in the endless, apricot twilight.

The triumphs and tragedies of early Antarctic explorers are recounted by our expert guiding team as we break new ground ourselves, in places never before walked by human feet. A parade of whales including humpbacks, orca and the gargantuan blue whales feed in the nutrient-rich waters and offer opportunities for memorable encounters. Watchful glaciers stand guard over a horizon of ceaseless inspiration.

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Expedition Yacht Charter Antarctic

Expedition Charter Yachts available for exploration of the Antarctic Region.

Santa Maria Australis67ft LOA6,8606,860
Hanse Explorer47.76 M LOA125,000125,000
SY Fortuna42 ft LOA34,0001,970
M/Y Enigma XK71.4 Meter LOA290,000290,000

Antarctic Yacht Charter Map

Base Name: 
Puerto Williams
Port Name: 
Puerto Williams